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Earlier this year, I was researching one of my favourite actors (Andy Mientus) and I accidentally stumbled upon a show named Chasing Life. Knowing very little about this show (and being very bored on this particular night) I decided to begin watching Chasing Life. I don't often say fall in love when talking about television, but I'm willing to make an exception: From the pilot episode, I fell in love with April Carver (played magnificently by Italia Ricci). I knew I had opened Pandora's Box, and within two weeks I had watched the entire first season. The show wasn't easy for me to find as it is currently unavailable on DVD or Blu-ray, so I purchased the series on iTunes (it is now available on Netflix). The first season is magnificently written - specifically the earlier episodes when April is first diagnosed. I often waited until the house was empty and everyone was in bed and then I watched several episodes in the dark, staying up until around three in the morning. I can't recount the amount of times I was in tears - specifically after the season one finale (Italia Ricci's performance in the finale is Emmy worthy). Anyways, there was a large void in my life for several months. However, that void was finally filled the day I woke up and purchased the season two pass for Chasing Life on iTunes. The joy I experienced when season two began was unimaginable and despite me watching nearly every show on the air, I often find myself looking forward to Chasing Life the most. Season two differs a little from the first, as it focuses more on the family troubles and history more than the first season. However, that is a great thing, as the mystery element has made me yearn for each episode more.
But that's enough about me. The season two finale is upon us, and I for one despise the thought of the show going on hiatus. The fate of the show is still unknown, but it would be an absolute travesty for this show to go off the air, so without further adieu, here is why ABC Family MUST renew Chasing Life for a third season:

1. The optimistic outlook that the show provides

"I used to be a lot more concerned with what people thought of me back then but cancer kinda eliminates that for you. I'm living way more boldly now in a way that I never would have if there weren't a ticking clock on my life" - April Carver

A show that revolves around a woman diagnosed with cancer (AML to be exact) sounds like it would be an upsetting tear-jerker. While it is true that Chasing Life often consists of tear-jerking moments, the show doesn't necessarily fall in to this category. April Carver is a strong independent woman and her diagnosis only forces her to live life to the fullest. The show promotes a healthy outlook on life, highlighting that each day is important and that other people's opinions of you are unimportant - You are what matters. Despite it's upsetting basis, the show is often hilarious. Cancer isn't the story of Chasing Life - it is just the beginning of a journey for April and her family - April is the story.

2. April's future

April's future is currently uncertain after she was told in the season two premiere that she is not in remission. However, George did manage to get her a place on a clinical trial, so we as loyal devoted fans deserve the chance to see what happens - if and when the trial works and if April will ultimately survive. Moreover, we all want to see April's career plans - how does her book go? Will she ultimately be a novelist or will she go back to journalism?

3. More family drama

I have a sense that the season two finale will be more about the family drama and less about the cancer. April has just found out that Natalie's mom, Olivia Ortiz, is planning on publishing Thomas Carver's final novel (also titled Chasing Life). It is inevitable that we will be seeing Natalie again if we are granted a third season, but what we all want to know is how does Olivia have a copy of Thomas Carver's presumably unfinished novel? Morever, why is she attempting to publish it? Is there more to the tale of Thomas Carver? Has Uncle George anything to do with this?

4. The show's representation of LGBTQ

I loved how Chasing Life handled the character of Brenna in the first season, her relationship with Greer and how that turned from hate to love - to Brenna's realisation that she was bisexual. The creators managed to highlight the importance of diversity and the importance of having a place to express your individuality in season two, with the LGBTQ group at Brenna's new public school. Many shows attempt to represent, but Brennas bisexuality has been handled maginificently and along with Brenna clarifying the importance of the term LGBTQ, this makes Chasing Life one of the flagship shows for representation of LGBTQ.

5. Brenna and Finn

One thing I find remarkable about Chasing Life is how the supporting characters are just as interesting as April. I never find myself sighing when the focus is on another character. I remember gearing up to watch an episode entitled 'Life of Brenna', the title immediately put me off and made me think that the episode was going to be letdown. I couldn't have been more wrong - in fact, the episode was one of the best so far. When I finished season one, I remember thinking that Brenna needs to be with Greer - they are endgame. However, I must admit that I am loving her bond and relationship with Finn - who at this stage is unaware that Brenna is his bone marrow donor. They have real chemistry and their friendship/relationship has been one of my favourite things about season two.

6. The relationships are not like they are in any show - they are 'real'

As I mentioned earlier, I really like Brenna and Finn together, despite the fact that I shipped Brenna with Greer. Similarly, I loved April and Leo together, but I really want her to be with Dominic now. Chasing Life doesn't follow the typical guidelines that nearly every show follows - there are no endgames, everything just happens naturally. There are no endgames because the show reflects life - some people don't end up together (like April and Leo), things happen and relationships fall apart no matter how perfect people are for eachother. It is possible to love more than once. April's journey into finding Dominic again will be coming full circle back to the pilot, but in the process it may be what she needs to move on.

7. Italia Ricci

The success of a show like this always comes down to the actress' believabilty. The work that Italia Ricci produces every episode isn't just convincing, it's heartbreakingly maginificent. She has made me laugh, cry and cry some more. The crying scenes must be exhausting for her, but she performs them magnificently. I don't think I have ever before been so emotionally invested in a character's journey like I am with April Carver, and that is all down to Ricci. She deserves an Emmy. She is easily the best (and the most real) actress currently on television.

8. The writing

I'm usually really good at predicting what happens next on a show. It's like a gift of mine, studying English at University will do that to you. However, the writing on Chasing Life is so good that I often have no idea what is going to happen next! The Thomas Carver reveal this season was so amazingly written. As an aspiring screenwriter, this is the kind of work that I one day would love to create. The suspense, the tension, the drama. The showrunner (Patrick Sean Smith) and the writers are doing an excellent job and it would be a shame to stop them from telling their maginifcent story.

9. The intense and emotional scenes

The moments where all hell breaks loose (Leo punching Dominic) to the emotional moments (April has it out with Sara about freezing her eggs): These are the moments that we all look forward to - these are the moments when the actors and the writers both shine. My favourite scene thus far was in 'One Day' where April bursts into tears and lets it all out with the hammer. Watching a character whom I had grown to love go through all this pain - that was heartbreaking. The writers really outdid themselves with the season one finale and I'm hoping the season two finale will be as equally jaw-dropping.

10. Emma's pop-culture references.

If none of these reasons convince you ABC Family, then this one will do the job. The adorable grandmother, Emma. I never in a million years thought I would hear an eighty year old woman talking about watching Saw, Guardians of the Galaxy and listening to Nicki Minaj let alone asking Brenna to change her Instagram and Facebook privacy settings. Moreover, she has heart - when Emma cries, that is enough to set you off. Emma is the funniest character on the show and I refuse to say goodbye to her. Like ever.

We hear you April!

So there you have it: the reasons why a third season of Chasing Life isn't just an option - it's a necessity. April's journey needs to continue - a cliffhanger on this type of show would be the worst fate imaginable. I have also heard rumours that the plans for the third season are amazing. So, it is from one die-hard fan that I ask you all to tune in to the season two finale this coming Monday (28th September) on ABC Family to ensure our favourite show has a future!

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