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Sometimes it's easy to forget that celebrities are just like us. Okay, so you might not have a place in the Hamptons with 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and the last time you flew to Paris, it probably wasn't via private jet. And when you want to play FIFA, you don't have a personal assistant who'll clear space in your diary. But when the rich and famous need to wind down, they couch out with FIFA or World of Warcraft, just like normal people.

Check out these five singers, actors and celebrities, from Eminem to Mila Kunis, who all have a pretty decent track record at playing video games.

1. Mila Kunis is totally into World of Warcraft

Mila Kunis might be one of the world's most beautiful women and the star of everything from Family Guy (as the voice of Meg) to this year's Jupiter Ascending, but as of this interview with Jimmy Kimmel from 2011 she's also majorly into World of Warcraft, and not just in a "goofy celebrity makes endearing confession on TV" sort of way - she belongs to two guilds, she's into her expansion packs and basically takes it so seriously that she actually had to step away and take a break, because occasionally real life gets in the way.

No word on whether Mila's still into gaming since settling down and having a kid with Ashton Kutcher, but contrary to popular belief that moms and dads never do fun stuff, even they play video games sometimes.

2. Robbie Williams loves old school Nokia games

This one is a little bit harder to verify since Robbie Williams have never actually talked about his addiction to Snake (maybe for fear of being misinterpreted) but according to a press release from way back in the year 2000, when the world's favourite spy was Austin Powers and the iPhone wasn't even a dream in Steve Jobs' head, both Robbie Williams and the boxer Prince Naseem held a position in the all-time top 5 high scorers for Snake - which basically means both have or had way too much time on their hands. Still, gotta love the old school games. Sick graphics.

3. The CEO of Uber is a beast at Wii Tennis

This man is a genius. He also made a good app.
This man is a genius. He also made a good app.

You might not have heard of Travis Kalanick, but you've definitely heard of Uber, the controversial app Kalanick created which has revolutionised taxi travel. But whilst Travis may have accumulated an estimated wealth of $6 billion (seriously) at the tender age of 39, he basically thinks he's Roger Federer when it comes to Wii Tennis. According to his friend and business partner Chris Sacca, the Uber creator "just serves aces", and claims to be "second in the global rankings" for the Wii game. Which hardly seems fair - this man had a creative idea that made him billions and aces it at video games. I have ten euros in my wallet and I even suck at Mario Kart. Thanks, life!

4. Drake is a don when it comes to FIFA ()

Not content with having multiple platinum albums and the current number US number one with Hotline Bling, and having invented the phrase YOLO, Drake is also kind of a menace when it comes to FIFA - although he did lose to Aussie legend Tim Cahill, but seeing as he's an actual real-life footballer we'll cut our favourite Canadian some slack.

5. Eminem kills it at Donkey Kong

From one legend of hip-hop to another, Eminem is a major fan of the old classics like Frogger and Space Invaders (if you're under 21, hit up Google now) but it's at Donkey Kong that he excels - in 2010, he tweeted a personal best high score of 465,800, which is pretty much in world top 20 territory, along with the comment: "Just imagine if I had more time." Okay, Slim Shady, we get it - you were born to win at everything. Don't rub salt in the wound.

Are you aware of more celebrities who are sick at gaming? Does it make you mad that Eminem has no time and is still better than you? Leave a comment or write a post about it!


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