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After watching a bit of the Clone Wars again and after beginning to pay attention to Star Wars Rebels, I've been thinking about a certain character that is still canon in the Star Wars Universe. The saving grace of The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul. After Disney bought Star Wars in its entirety from George Lucas all those years ago, they also decided to show us definitively what is classified as "canon" and "non-canon."

For those of you who don't know yet, take a look below for the definitions.

CANON: Is 100% part of the Star Wars Universe. All a part of the same thread of official storyline. Anything that comes out from now on, books, games, TV or film, is also a part of that thread.

NON-CANON: Is everything else. Any book, game, TV show or movie that came out before the Disney purchase is now considered to be the 'Expanded Universe.'

Moving along...

Near the end of the Clone Wars series we see Maul and his brother Savage Opress face off against Darth Sidious, which was an epic Sith battle in which Opress gets killed in an awesome fashion and Maul gets badly beaten and electrocuted by Sidious.

At the end of the scene, Sidious decides not to kill Maul, saying "I have other uses for you," and then proceeds to electrocute him some more, ending the battle.

With Disney confirming that Clone Wars and Rebels are all a part of the the canon Star Wars Universe, that means that Darth Maul is still alive. Which means at any point, whether it be in Rebels or one of the future films he can definitely come back.

This makes me hopeful and excited as heck. I've always thought Maul was one of Lucas' best characters from the prequel trilogy and that we never got enough of him. So the fact that Clone Wars remedied this and brought him back from the dead was a stroke of genius.

With that said, in what capacity should he come back?

My guess is: It's either going to be a big role in Rebels or he'll appear as a shocking twist in a future film, probably Episode IX.

If he appears in Rebels, maybe we'll get that comic book scene of him attacking Luke as a child on Tatooine in a ruse to draw out Obi-Wan for a battle.

Maul VS Obi-Wan.
Maul VS Obi-Wan.

If it's a film, maybe he can be a grand master type of character? The man pulling all the strings under a secret name? Maybe someone like Supreme Leader Snoke?

Andy Serkis motion capture for Snoke
Andy Serkis motion capture for Snoke

You never know what they've got in store for Darth Maul, but I hope it's something great and not just another character we never hear from again. He's too good for that.


Will Darth Maul return?


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