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I’ve already written about Tank Top Horror films - the summer edition, and was inspired to do something new. Since fall is upon us and winter is coming, I put together a list of costumes that could get you by in the colder months. Some of these costumes weren’t meant for cold weather (Freddy hangs out in a boiler room whilst wearing a sweater), but depending on your geographical location, they will be needed. If anything, this is a list of costumes that further the story and build characters instead of showing off their muscles. Thought was put into the outfits and more often than not they’ve become characters all their own.

Here are my favorite fall/winter horror wardrobes.

The Shining - Jackets and Sweaters

All sweaters and no coat make Jack a dull dressed boy. Shelly Duvall and Jack Nicholson rock some iconic gear in The Shining. The cold weather and drafty house made it necessary to bundle up . I wonder how many iterations of costumes Kubrick ran through before he decided on these get ups.

Drag Me to Hell - Coat

Woman buys beautiful coat. Woman gets dragged to Hell. A great coat is wasted.

Nosferatu and His Warm Looking Hybrid Jacket of Doom

Probably the greatest jacket in a horror movie ever. I read through some comment boards and the debate is still looming over what exactly to call the jacket. The mystery of the jacket continues.

They Live - Flannel and Sweatshirt

If your movie is gonna feature the greatest fight ever, you need the toughest flannel and sweatshirts ever made. Mission accomplished.

The Wolfman During a Full Moon

Full moon + Furry coat = A whole lot of warmth.

Rosemary’s Quilt Chic

Are you pregnant with something evil? Is it kinda cold outside? Is the house drafty? No worries. This night quilt will solve all your problems!

Patrick Wilson Rocking the Cardigans in Insidious 2

This cardigans says "I'm literate but still laid back." This costume brought in a new era of good actors elevating low-budget horror material.

Sam’s One Piece Fleece/Burlap Sack in Trick ‘r Treat

Comfortable, relaxed and warm enough to get you through October and November. Also, he might be trying to start a ski cap that covers the whole head craze.

Tippi Hedren Looking Great While Being Attacked by The Birds

You gotta look good when getting attacked by birds. Hitchcock chose the green suit because he felt it had a cool quality that set Melanie apart from the residents of Bodega Bay.

Kurt Russell’s Hat and Jacket in The Thing

I wish I could consider the beard an article of clothing. The hat really ties the outfit together and Carpenter had the hat ready and waiting for Russell’s arrival.

Kathy Bates and the Flannel-Sweatshirt Combo of Misery

Just because she looks like a run of the mill country woman doesn’t mean she won’t smoosh your legs with a sledgehammer.

Candyman’s Massive Coat

You gotta look awesome when patrolling the netherworld. Imagine the surprise of unwitting victims when that jacket comes through the mirror.

Freddy’s Sweater in The Nightmare on Elm Street Series

This sweater is so synonymous with Freddy it has made it impossible for people to wear it without drawing comparisons. Wes Craven chose the colors because red and green are the two most clashing colors to the human retina.

Which fall look will you be sporting?


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