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When the latest update for Batman: Arkham Knight hit yesterday, fans were gifted with a new Nightwing adventure, a sick replica of the tumbler from The Dark Knight, and a slew of other upgrades that made the Season Pass worth it. But something just didn't feel right -- blazing through two courses with the armored vehicle from Christopher Nolan's modern superhero classic was a thrill, but with players piloting as a Batman that didn't quite match, they were left asking for just a little more.

Thankfully, the developers at Rocksteady heard their pleas -- and while it's going to take a bit to get the complicated suit built, they had nothing but good news to deliver in response:

There's only one question -- which Bale Batsuit do fans want the most? The matching armored suit from The Dark Knight, or his debut suit from Batman Begins? Get your vote heard by responding to Rocksteady co-founder Selfton Hill in the tweet below:


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