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In the run up to [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)'s release, we've heard a lot of things, some true and some... less than true. We know that the film will heavily feature Batman, Superman, and to a lesser extent Wonder Woman, and will act as the starting point for the Justice League to come together.

The Justice League comprises of 7 heroes, several of which have already been cast in the DCEU: as well as the stars of Batman v Superman, Ezra Miller will be the Flash and Jason Momoa is Aquaman, and they are both getting solo films. Green Lantern is assumed to be another member of the League, as there is a planned Green Lantern Corps film in 2020.

The seventh character remains a mystery, and probably will do for some time. But we do know that there WILL be 7 heroes, thanks to a recent promotional poster of Momoa's Aquaman with the caption "Unite The Seven". This tagline also implies that Aquaman will play a large role in, well, uniting the heroes to become the Justice League. So what role will he have in the upcoming films?

King Of The Ocean

There have been multiple rumours that Aquaman will have a surprise cameo in Batman vs Superman: he's not confirmed to appear in the film, but he's the only one from DC's list of other cast heroes that already has a promo poster... which they've released twice now (the second time with the "Unite The Seven" tagline). This certainly does seem to imply he'll have a big role to play sometime soon. So are DC just building hype, or are they hinting he'll make an appearance in BvS?

We're probably going to have to wait until 2016 to find out, but Jason Momoa is confident that when Aquaman is finally revealed, this version of the oceanic hero will put all the ridicule to rest.

"You know, it's cute and funny, I mean, people make fun of him and there's a bunch of jokes about him. But I'm like, 'Well ... just wait. Let's just wait a little bit. And then we can make jokes ..."

Ooooh, intriguing! Jason Momoa's casting has already caused quite a stir: his role as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones shot him to fan fave status (though personally I loved him in Stargate: Atlantis). He's got gravitas coming out of his ears: menacing and badass, Momoa's Aquaman already looks set to finally quell all those jokes...

Our conclusions on Aquaman's role: it'll be pivotal - he really will "Unite The Seven", and it looks like he might make a surprise appearance in Batman vs Superman. Even if he doesn't though, he'll be a big part of Justice League Part One.

Hal Jordan or John Stewart?

Onto Green Lantern! There's very little that we know about this role. In fact, we don't even know for sure WHICH member of the Green Lantern Corps will be a part of the Justice League, though the smart money's on either Hal Jordan or John Stewart. In fact, there's already a connection to Hal Jordan in the DCEU - Carrie Ferris!

Who? I hear you cry. You'll be forgiven for forgetting her. Carrie Ferris was a bit-role in Man Of Steel, a military major who got all googly eyed over Superman.

Some fans have posited that she has a connection to Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan's love interest in the comics. This connection was commented on by Ferris' actress Christina Wren...

"My character’s name is Carrie Farris; there’s a character named Carol [Ferris] who’s the Green Lantern’s girlfriend and turns into this superhero, Star Sapphire. But I have no idea if that’s the plan; they’re not even slated to do a Green Lantern film for several years."

Could this be a vital connection to Hal Jordan's existence within the DCEU? Possibly. And with Chris Pine apparently being courted for the roles of both Hal Jordan AND Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor, it seems as though this might be the Green Lantern that DC want to build up.

Unless, of course, they go with Tyrese Gibson for John Stewart: he's been making it very clear for years that he wants to play Green Lantern...

"I don't need to ‘campaign’ for anything. I took the Oath and I’m ready to suit up as John Stewart IF it lands this way..... Great seeds have been planted at Warner Bros., they know I'm very excited about the possibilities."

It's always great to see actors enthusiastic about superhero roles, and making enough noise about it certainly helped Ryan Reynolds in the case of the solo Deadpool movie... so could this happen?

Our conclusions on Green Lantern's role: ??? basically. We know next to nothing right now, but it's highly likely he'll be one of the Justice League members when the team-up film roles around, to build up to the later Green Lantern Corps movie.


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