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Executive Producer and Showrunner Bruno Heller has confirmed that the Court of Owls, a fairly new concept introduced to DC's comic book canon, will be joining the storyline on Gotham sometime in the future -- but don't get your feathers in a ruffle if you've got to wait for a while. broke the exclusive, where Heller first said it was a possibility - then admitted that it was definitely coming up:

The long arc of the show is Bruce Wayne’s journey of discovery down into the depths of the physical and meta-physical world of Gotham. The Court of Owls is a brilliant conceit that will absolutely be part of our storytelling. I just won’t tell you when.

Heller mentioned that, perhaps, too many new characters and plot lines were introduced in season one. Whether their pacing has changed based on this week's premiere is all subject to opinion, but it's nice to see the team taking time with their stories instead of trying to fit everything in at once.

What's more, Heller admitted something that few studios or producers ever do: that the showrunners and writers are paying attention to what fans say, and are considering different concepts and storylines based on our reactions. ComicBook's Lucas Seigel explains:

During a phone conversation with executive producer and showrunner Bruno Heller, he candidly talked about fan theories, telling, “everyone’s opinion has been valid and has to be listened to,” expounding on the fact that the characters and concepts they’re playing with are “about the interplay between what we’re doing and what the audience would like to see and how they react.”

The introduction of the Galavans had fans directly tying their "long family history" with Gotham to the Court of Owls, a secret society of Gotham's elite that used hitmen known as Talons -- basically, insane version of Batman -- to off their enemies and determine the fate of the city under their hands. While it may take some time to develop, it seems that the Gotham fandom's keen intuition has given us a direct lens into the future.

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