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Keanu Reeves action vehicle John Wick was a surprise sleeper hit last year, generating buzz on the festival circuit and positive reviews thanks to its uncomplicated, straightforward story blended with heightened cinematography and Hong Kong-influenced action sequences.

Reeves may never win an Oscar for Best Actor, but he is very, very good in a specific kind of role, and when allowed to excel in one of those roles, the film tends to become an instant classic. It was no different with John Wick, which quickly got the green light for a sequel.

Buried in a press release today, Fundamental Films quietly revealed when John Wick 2 would start filming:

Also upcoming is a sequel to the hit actioner John Wick starring Keanu Reeves which begins shooting this Fall

While there is no release date for the sequel as of yet, with a low budget and minimal VFX story, it's not a movie that would take long to shoot or run through post-production, at least not compared to some. And this is a good thing. The John Wick movies could end up being to Reeves what the Taken series has been to Liam Neeson: A straightforward, b-movie action franchise that earns him cult status among fans while earning the box office returns of a medium-sized hit on a low-sized budget.

Fun fact: Me writing this article prompted the Moviepilot staff to get into a debate about Keanu Reeves' top 3 movies. So I'll let you decide:


What is Keanu Reeves' best cult classic movie?


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