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I'm going own each member of Teen Wolf, what they might bring into season 5B, rumored and truth (maybe spoilers, and stuff, theories).

Theo Raeken:

Little Mike Montgomery of Pretty Little Liars joined Teen Wolf and he became a fan favorite very fast. But after Episode 2 all of that changed: because of:


He is a full wolf. (Also a Were-Coyote)

But still people had mixed feeling about him, he did help Scott they said:

But he does look Badaas, and Scott hasn't got Badass wolfs in his pack. He has little Liam, but he isn't badass like Isaac, Derek, Jackson, Allison, etc.

But then he was a part of the Dread Doctors and a lot of people said "He can't act" "He is sush an idiot" he also broke Sciles apart to just Stiles and Scott. People started saying "He is the biggest villain ever" "I hate him". But people forget it was all an act. Acting that is very difficult. So he was only good when he "acts bad". Maybe but that's because then his character isn't acting. Also on Pretty Little Liars every season he gets a very different role. So he actually is 1 of the best actors in the Show.

Also he killed someone, but he is now back alive the person he killed. But he also is an Alpha, but isn't a real one. So what happens? He gets Red Eyes? Might be badass. Also if they save him, he might have blue eyes of the guilt. It's getting crazy. Because he killed his sister, not really but that's guilt. He can have an interesting storyline, if they save him. For now he is badass.

What to expect from him in 5B?


He will still cause a lot of trouble, for Beacon Hills, Scott and his pack. He might get 2 new members to the pack.

His pack Vs Scott's pack will be in a clash of titans way.


They say he and Stiles might be family, even twins. Brothers. because they had some kind of the same look when they're evil.


He might fight the Dread Doctors in episode 19 & 20, will he be better of maybe something different?

It's rumored he is in Season 6.

He might kill more people.


Are u excited for Season 5B & Theo?


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