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Not so long ago, a good friend of mine, Luke Smith, made up an article on five movies that shouldn't have made sequels(which you can read here!) While reading, I thought of the Fast and Furious movies, and how they seem to be getting worse and worse as they keep making them.

Now don't get me wrong, the Fast and Furious movies are great. Not so much the last 3 movies, in my opinion, but I can't do anything to change that. What I can do is right an article sharing with you 5 reasons I think they should've ended after movie #4. So lets begin!

R.I.P. Paul Walker
R.I.P. Paul Walker

Reason #1. Its Not About Racing Anymore.

The first few of movies were awesome, sweet cars, nice ladies, good plot, very little drama, and had lots of racing. Now its,"Oh, you killed my brother, I'm gonna hurt you, while you try to prevent me from doing so," type thing... If you could take anything from the first 4, it would simply be this: 'Instead of beating the crap out of someone, you could settle your differences by racing your rides.' Is that how it is now? No.

Reason #2. Impossible Nonsense Stuff.

Like jumping a HyperSport from skyscraper to skyscraper, parachuting your car from a cargo plane without it popping tires and seriously damaging your car, or a device that can locate anyone. Whatever it is, its crazy, and really not even likely to happen!

Reason #3. Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel for Stories.

Secret bases, organizations, dumb characters (sorry Dwayne Johnson), Impossible nonsense stuff, and having characters die off left and right and then comeback with there memory wiped. I mean come on, this isn't Game of Thrones! So what, after they finally finish these darn movies off, is Dom(Vin Diesel) going to be the only one left alive (and have no recollection of what happened) ? Are they going to now incorporate Paul's brother into the story somehow? Is he going to be the one taking revenge on whoever killed his brother in the eighth film? Or what? There isn't a lot of story you can come up with before it seems to start repeating itself, but in different ways.

Reason #4. CGI Is Becoming A Little Much.

Almost all the driving/somewhat racing, and crazy nonsense stuff is all CGI. There isn't like anything in 'em now that is even actually done by the actors, besides face-time and fight sequences. This isn't some superhero movie guys! No hulk that needs done or laser/heat vision! What ever happened to CGI-less movies?

Reason #5. All Sequels After Movie

#4 were just getting bad. All the other reasons basically fit into this one reason, not really making it a reason at all...but whatever. Vin Diesel, after The Fast and The Furious was over and done with, he didn't think that there could be a sequel, so that is why he didn't appear in film #2. But when Justin Lin had an awesome idea of having Vin cameo in Tokyo drift, he was back on, setting the way for Fast and Furious. Where his beloved Letti(Michelle Rodriguez) died, (which paved the way for the whole revenge seeking thing), and then the aftermath, Brian(Paul Walker) headed to prison, his friends going to save him, and !BOOM! sucky sequels!

Now before closing, there is one movie

that is THE BEST racing movie, that will probably ever be made which is Need for Speed. If you haven't seen it, you need to right NOW! I highly recommend it. You can watch the trailer right below....

Let The Hate Begin! What Do You Think? Do You Agree With Me? Is There Something You Don't Like About This Franchise? Let Me Know In The Comments Below! THANKS FOR READING!


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