ByDavid Crider, writer at
In response to @Allanah Faherty @bananallanah and her misguided post about One Million Moms, who may not have a million members but are supported by millions of moms who love their children and all of yours as well. Joe met his demise at the hands of Left wing liberal groups, and championed by liberal president Bill Clinton. NY Times article July 11, 1997 read "Joe Camel dead at 23.... anti-smoking activists convinced President Clinton, the American Medical Association, several Surgeons General, the Federal Trade Commission and other authorities that Joe Camel was emblematic of what they maintained were the insidious, underhanded marketing gimmicks by which cigarettes are sold in America. Joe died in 1997....''We must put tobacco ads like Joe Camel out of our children's reach forever,'' President Clinton said in a statement.....Bruce Reed, the President's chief domestic policy adviser, was more succinct. ''Joe Camel is dead,'' he said. ''He had it coming.'' Now I understand this was about smoking and influencing kids to smoke with an ad campaign that targets kids and it's about kids health, all peoples health. Well let's just put this in context. It is still about kids and their health. The muppets, by design as puppets are going to draw on kids of all ages. The sexual jokes and innuendos is only going to stir up curiosity and plant seeds. The seeds planted by supposed safe shows on Disney channel and ABC Family are already blossoming into perverted sex-driven kids running rampant in society. Teenage iPhone's are filled with nude selfies, 1 out of 5 teenagers have STD's (of which there are thousands more now than there were in the 80's), A.I.D.S is rising, teen pregnancy is down while teen abortions are up. None of this is healthy for the young people of this country/world. We have lost a sense of decency in our country, we air out our dirty laundry on social media, engrossed in so-called reality shows where by the end of the season everybody has slept with everybody. We call it love, cause nobody wants to admit it's self destructive lust (someone might be offended if we call it what it is, I know unPC), that's being peddled on every show and the commercials for pizza in between. What father really wants to answer his 6 year old's question "What is erectile disfunction?" So the question becomes, how have we as a society, become so self involved and self gratifying, that the only thing we care about is "if it makes me laugh, or feels good, why not just go with it, YOLO man. No matter how vile, objectionable or down right evil, just go with it. Use the stupid puppets to get it into their subconscious minds and one day they will have a need for the commercials on YouTube selling Hepatitis C vaccinations or the government will just make it mandatory. If a president advocates it...jump onboard. If a Christian advocates it... shut them out. Smart, really Smart.


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