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Earlier today, it was revealed by "The Wrap" that AMC has officially cast one of the key characters from The Walking Dead comics for season 6 of the zombie-drama television series.

According to the online news source, Paul "Jesus" Monroe, who first appeared in issue 91 of the comics, will be played by Tom Payne, an English actor best known for his role as Brett Aspinall in the television series Waterloo Road.

What Would Jesus Do?

For those who don't know who Jesus is, he is a resident of a large community called "The Hilltop," who is known for his innovation, smarts, and expertise in martial arts. His real name is Paul Monroe, but his friends call him Jesus because of his Jesus-like appearance (which is fitting due to his knack for saving people). He later moves to Alexandria and becomes an adviser to Rick, and plays a key role in the All Out War story line with Negan.

Do you think AMC did a good job in their casting decision for Jesus? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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