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There would be EUROPEAN CIVIL WAR in Frozen 2 (2018) :Civil War or the brave of Arrendel.In my opinion,if i were Chris Back,i would put some characters example Rapunzel,Eugene,Pascal,Max (Corona) with ally of Arrendel beacuse Hans would take vengeance after for all that (you see,Hans lost the kingdom of Arrendel) and he would try to battle with the 12 brothers ans some other countries versus Norway,England etc.Hans would use the hair or the tears of Rapunzel for the healt by the battles.For example we have the story of MCU Iron Man 2,Captain America,Thor 1 and then they were meeting on The Avengers (2012) and it is continue and it would be happen like these movies (Frozen,Tangled).....So,if i am yes...Anna would be still normal girl without abillities and powers...for any questions,send me message on gmail for interesting and i answer on all my pleasure and my joy


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