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Hi everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself. (I'm the joker above)

My names Suzy, I'm 21 and from England.

Firstly, my fascination with SFX came about from watching a lot of Holby City with my nan, and just thought, "it looks cool. I'd love to learn how to do that!" I wondered how the effects are made to look so real, it really intrigued me. I'm not one who's amazing with blood or gore in a real cut or wound, that makes me cringe, but I found it fascinating looking up what you can do with special effects makeup. I like playing around with different ideas and trying new things, in a way it's rather therapeutic for me. Something I can really get into, there's so much you can learn and always new products being put on the market, it's definitely an exciting career choice.

Chopped off finger

I studied at college and practiced a lot, I went away from SFX for a while and got into beauty working for a counter, which was really awesome. I love all types of the industry!

I can honestly say becoming a mother pushed me even harder to pursue what I want. I want my son to be proud of how hard I've worked! I'm hoping to make a career out of my Makeup Artistry. I always have, and it's my passion. It's been a long and hard journey to get where I am now; all the bumps and cracks of life that knock you down, but you get back up.

Half skeleton face

I've heard people say having a career in makeup and having children doesn't work; I don't really understand that, it's like any career or job: you work everything around everything.

Moms and dads, don't give up on what you really enjoy, whatever it is! Even when you're sleep deprived and falling asleep updating your profiles or sending emails at 2am because your 2-year-old doesn't sleep a full night and thinks it's funny to sing every time he wakes up (this happens a lot and yes, it's highly funny, but I will get him back when he's older and wants that lay in after a night out with the lads, you got another thing coming boy). Grab a coffee, cuddle your beautiful child and remember it's all worth it in the end (and you can get him back, only 16 more years). Your child will be so proud when he or she is grown up that you've worked your a*s of to be where you are!

Zombie sfx

I'm currently trying to get my business off the ground, run and keep my home clean, keep our shelves stocked, raise my son, do day courses on the side to keep my skills updated, keep my pages updated and manage to get the time to sit and do some SFX on the side, all while my tiny tornado is getting into everything he can and wanting me to dance to every song that comes on the TV or radio (he loves a good tune!). It's hectic but so rewarding, but I swear my other half thinks I just sit at home all day and do nothing, ha! Yeah, right!

I'm not going to just give up on what I love because I'm a mom, and nobody should, but I will say though, if you can spend the first couple of years at home, do it; it's amazing watching a child grow, learn and experience things for the first time. My son's my world, he will always come first. I adore him, but I still need to do the things that make me, me.

Treeman (prosthetics made by me)

Every mother does, don't lose yourself in being the perfect mother or father, nobody's perfect but your perfect to your tiny human being! You should never forget that.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoy my work! Feedback or any recommendations for SFXor Body Art would be gladly appreciated, really enjoy a new challenge!

I'm not just an SFX artist, I do special occasion makeup and I'm also a Beauty Therapist.

Bridal Makeup
Purple makeup and contouring

I will be doing many SFX, Body Art and other projects when I can. I'll also post on here in my spare time, so please keep an eye on this page and check out my Facebook or Instagram for updates @sparklesbeautyandsfx


Open wounds (top and bottom left and bone sticking out (bottom right)
Missing something?
Split open nose (wish the lighting was better for this!)
Open wounds & bullet holes
Helping out the nhs emergency staff!

(Left - open leg wound ... Right - glass in a wound)

This was a tricky task as no latex or spirit gum was allowed to be applied on the mechanical body, had a fantastic day though and got amazing feedback from the training staff.


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