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I LOVE Christina Ricci. She was my schoolboy crush and I pretty much gushed over her well into my college days. So when the image of her superimposed onto Morticia Addams body came out, I not only thought it was super neat idea but also I worried at how the radicalized internet media stream would take it. Naturally the internet trend storm began and then next thing I noticed major news sites were claiming that Christina Ricci dressed up and took these photos to try and get an Addam's Family reboot going. Wow.

It's crazy how a photo can cause a frenzy but it's not surprising in today's fast media world. The shopped photo was very nicely put together but an experienced designer can tell right away it was a fake.

But so what? It was a great idea and that's what mattered. Though I HIGHLY DISAGREE with this sudden rush to call for a reboot or have her play a new Morticia. I mean come on people aren't you the motherfuckers who ALWAYS bitch and complain about why does Hollywood always do reboots? Look at yourselves now you are like savages trying to figure out how to make fire with a stick. Take a minute, chill the fuck out and think it through.

First off no need for a reboot cause Anjelica Houston is the absolute bomb. She staked her claim on the character of Morticia Addams and no one is gonna take it away from her.

Christina Ricci is Wednesday Addams which is what I believe the the original post was intending to convey. It was a GROWN UP Wednesday, not Ricci as Morticia Addams which all the outlets are running with.

And that is the film you run with. Wednesday Addams returning to her home and resurrecting the ghoulish charm of The Addams Family. She can be married to an ordinary husband who is trying to cope with her macabre ways and have her own Pugsley and Friday Addams ( or Saturday or whatever). You bring back Christopher Lloyd and Houston for cameos. Continue the tradition rather than trying and build on top of the old that have well earned the respect. A continuation of the film series is what people would want. You say reboot and you get the same characters, same story lines, and the same tired complaints from audiences. I imagine Ricci would be on board cause right now she's doing Lifetime movies which isn't bad but it leagues below to where she was before.


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