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I guess I have been nominated to do this challenge by fellow MP creator Charlotte Kotterman. This is my first ever time doing this challenge so bear with me folks! Today i'm going to be discussing a movie that was an absolute classic during the 90's. It called L.A Confidential. The movie is in the neo-noir department and is another solid entry into the unique genre of noir films. I don't know if too many people have saw this film but it's my job to try and CONIVNCE YOU to watch this cinematic masterpiece. Let's get started.

Ensemble Cast That Delivers.

Fan of Kim Basinger, Kevin Spacey, and Russell Crowe? Well guess what, they're all in this film together. Very few movies that have an ensemble cast turns out to be good. But this movie was the exception as every cast member delivers performance wise. Every actor fits their character role and couldn't have been cast better. Oh! And the movie was the launching pad for relatively unknown actors at the time Russell Crow and Guy Pearce.

Solid Characters.

One of the things that was praised from the movie was the solid actors. We have Bud White, a police officer who has a hateful obsession with woman beaters, Ed Exley a by the book detective who wants to rise through the ranks and Jack Vincennes a narcotics detective who a technical advisor on a police procedural. The characters are fully fleshed and you seem them evolve once the case continues on in the movie. They all had dirty history but find redemption in the case they know is deeper than they realize. There no lack of character development in this one!


L.A Confidential hits a bunch of themes throughout the course of the story. It comes across police corruption, sex, racism, organized crime, drugs, mass murder, and redemption. Pretty deep right?

High Gripping Drama.

The movie does an excellent job of really gripping you into the film and into this 1950's world of Los Angeles City. The stakes are high as everything is a blur in between the lines and the twists and turns that are present in dark corners. This film is everything a great neo-noir film should be.

Hopefully I convinced you all to check this film out. You'll be missing out on a masterpiece of a film! If you enjoyed my article make sure to comment down below.



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