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What's up creators! Anime is so awesome but it's even better when they make a live action movie. Come on, I now for a fact you guys go crazy like I do.. well I assume you do, who wouldn't want to see their favorite characters come to life especially the male ones hehe.. mhmm.. but most live action anime movies come out kinda sucky.

I know it's hard trying to turn an anime were the characters are always doing things that are not humanly possible but every now and then we get a director and crew who just blows it right out of the water.

They get the characters straight on and the story correct - yes, their hair may not be that beautiful blue, vibrant pink or whatever but they look the part enough that you can at least sit through and enjoy the movie, with that said here is my list of live action anime movies you guys should watch!

In no particular order by the way.

6. Assassination Classroom

I know you guys are like 'look at poor Koro-sensei, he's animated badly" yeah he's not in the best shape but to me the movie is still pretty good it's not the anime nor like the manga I have to say that. Like with every live action they do leave a few plot holes and change up a few things but overall I did really enjoy watching it and laughed more times than I can count so check it out if you have a open mind.

5. Bakuman

Honesty time! I'm not a big fan of the anime, you guys can kill me now, I did watched it though so go easy on me... just didn't love it - anyway the Bakuman movie doesn't come out till October 3 (in japan) so I haven't got to see the film yet.

The trailer did look really cool and they got the characters pretty spot on except they look a little old but I can look pass that, even without seeing the film I have to say check it when it's released I think it's gonna be pretty good and can you tell who's voice that is narrating the trailer?

4. Black Butler

I really hate when they make a live action and cast a women as a male character I don't see the reason for it at all. First thing you gotta get pass before watching the movie is yes, they did actually that but the right way she is not playing Ciel Phantomhive. Ayame Goriki is playing Shiori Genpō a descendant of the Phantomhive family, since males can only lead Phantom Corporation she is forced to dress as a boy and take on the persona Kiyoharu.

Now that I've said that I can tell you about the movie, it's done beautifully Sebastian is well, one hell of a butler! I love the fight scenes and storyline is very refreshing, I believe it does the anime some fair justice so please check this out, no one makes a better Sebastian than Hiro Mizushima!

3. Casshern

The movie is amazingly well done it has such a strong emotional impact, it's flawed in many ways compared to the anime but as a movie it makes you really think, the fight scenes are kinda cool and the Cinematography is just delightful and magnificent, again for this you would need an open mind if your a diehard fan of the anime.

2. Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

This is nearly the perfect adaption, it's so close to the anime I swear at some points I thought I was watching the anime, the fight scenes are great and not over done so it keeps it interesting. The CG is done great for a movie in 2012 and the actors fit the characters perfect it's just a great film.

It even spouted 2 more sequels Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno and Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends which are also just as amazing, if you ever have like 6 hours to spare I say rent all three and beige watch to your heart's content!

1. Death Note

The Death Note live actions movies (Yeah they have more than one) are just amazing! their so close to being just like the anime it's insane, I don't really have anything bad to say about it, personally I really enjoyed them.

they kept the storyline pretty much the same, didn't leave much out from the anime, the actors looked like the characters and it was fun to watch, I even watched the first film with my whole family and got them hooked on it lol.

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