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At first many weren't sure what to make of it when ABC announced they were bringing back The Muppets with a more modernized tone. I for one was excited to hear them try to make a comeback on prime time. To expect that ABC is going to ruin the Muppets is a bit silly.

What do people expect from a show like this? You have to not only find a way to entertain the adult viewers who grew up with the show during a prime time hour but also introduce a younger generation that has seen it all. Comedy today isn't comedy of yesterday. Yes comedy has always been raunchy, perverted even with the sly innuendo, but today's comedy has an atmosphere that is watered down as a result of years of influence. I feel like we don't know what is really funny anymore. We laugh at people's plights and failures yet promote tolerance and anti-bullying. It's harder than ever to get people across a wide spectrum to laugh about the same thing. This is why I love the Muppets. Somehow they always find a way to refresh their image and move along with the time. Nothing gets a better laugh out of me than watching a Muppet flip out. And I'm not alone. For some reason people still gravitate toward them. There hasn't been anything quite like the Muppets since the Muppets either. Franchises like The Simpsons and South Park may cross the 4th dimension and tap into our reality from time to time with guest spots but it's still not quite tangible like the Muppets who are far more accessible.

Look these characters could've gone the way of the dinosaur or worse the way of the Ninja Turtle and be ruined like so many other properties, but I like so far what ABC is doing here. They are keeping it simple and not complicating things. It's a plot that you can get plenty of material from and easy guest spots while cross promoting and getting people to watch more than one show. It's a way to bridge three generations of viewers (Baby Boomers, Gen Xer's and Millennials) and at the same time continue the legacy of an amazing artist in Jim Henson that many still look up to. Sound familiar? {Disney cough cough}

ABC's The Muppet's airing Tuesday's at 8pm ( and available on Hulu the next day) are a welcome blast from the past. If there is anything that deserves a proper reboot on TV it's the Muppets, and ABC get's it right with episode one, "Pig Girls Don't Cry". If you've followed the Muppets you know that they operate in the "real" world, so it makes total sense for them to make their comeback in this mockumentary style. The show is a perfect natural evolution of the characters bouncing around the entertainment lifestyle. Kermit is still worrying about the cast while just trying to do the right thing, Ms. Piggy is still demanding and the center of attention, Gonzo is still being weird and Fozzie is as lovable as ever and Animal is still an animal. Yes the breaking up of Kermit and Piggy is awkward but that is what it is meant to be. We aren't kids anymore and most of us aren't living in a castle with the love of our lives. It's a cold cruel world our there and even Muppets are susceptible to pain.

You gotta remember lots of Muppet fans like myself remember watching reruns of the original Muppet Show and then being hooked with Muppet Babies every Saturday morning . We still stop on Labyrinth if it is ever playing cause it still captures the imagination. The Muppets are dear to us all, so I can relate to the rabid reaction. Even now some people want to ask how the hell did they screw up The Muppets so badly? And to that I say they didn't. The Muppets have always been screwed up. This is who the Muppets are. This is nothing more than their next gig. They are no different from you and I moving on to a new line of work. They struggle with the same harsh realities of life we do but in their own Muppet way.

I know you want to keep the Muppets in their diapers pretending to be Star Wars characters, but you can't. They like you and I, grow older and now buy their Star Wars apparel online. Even if it is a recycled routine the style fits them like a white glove and it is a welcomed sight to a landscape cluttered with dark violent hyper sexual themes. The Muppets are a domesticated wine we can always come back to for a nice laugh.


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