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Robert Lunney
...led "genius" of the novel (which just SMELLS of the author of his article making sure receiving his paycheck this week). With both writer & company reeling from the backlash of fan's indignation at the poor quality of writing, plot, character development & content. I'm ASHAMED of the Lucasfilm company insinuating that the FANS are to blame for their own misjudgment in choosing an author that just doesn't give us a SHRED of story that fits SEAMLESSLY into the STAR WARS CANON. To think that the company would go so far as to blame us for not only unwilling to let go of the old Expanded Universe, but to include charges of HOMOPHOBIA? Not only is it untrue...IT'S INSULTING!!! If Disney/Lucasfilm wants to honor the STAR WARS UNIVERSE and build on it's dynamic & eternal storylines, characters & legacy...THEY NEED TO STOP GIVING US INFERIOR WRITERS, STORYLINES & CHARACTERS THAN WE HAVE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO!!! They need to move forward from the old EU (LEGENDS CONTINUITY), but they have lapsed in the quality of new content. They need to up their game, or there will the A LOT of angry fans to deal...and maybe abour more than just a bad novel.

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