ByTrevor Skinner, writer at
Trevor Skinner
So now to address each piece of stupidity one at a time. First, you assume Banner is still just Banner, if he isn't then game over, any one of the avengers could easily take out batman while he is distracted by keeping away from hulk. Second, Iron man is much smarter than Bruce Wayne, the chances of Bruce hacking the Iron Man suit is absurd. Third, with the vision running off the mind stone and him being made from the organic material i doubt something like an EMP would take him out, and batman vs vision my money is on vision. Fourth, Thor allowing himself to be glued down to a building.... just what.... i dont even know where you were going with that idea. Fifth, while batman could most likely take Hawkeye and Black Widow alone, with everything else going on Hawkeye could just stay at a distance shooting arrows, and honestly it wouldn't be as easy as you make it seem for Batman to just knock out Black Widow. Sixth, Batman and Cap have fought before in the comics, in a Justice league and Avengers crossover. In the crossover it ended in a draw, but BATMAN HIMSELF admitted that because of Caps enhanced stamina he would eventually win. They are both asters of martial arts, master tacticians, skilled with weapons, peak human strength, even though i believe cap might be stronger, Cap is definitely faster, Caps mind is also enhanced as well, they both have a bunch of other abilities stuff that I wont list. Lastly you forgot that Scarlet Witch is an avenger now as well, and her power level is so off the charts if she barely tapped into her powers she could end batman with barely any trouble. So what I am trying to say is that there is 0% chance of Batman winning.

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