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Oh no, just when you thought that A was exposed and everything was over, A actually went to college, traded the black hoodie for a red devil costume and is now torturing the girls of Kappa Kappa Tau.

Scream Queens premiered September 22 after generating a lot of buzz from its star studded cast including Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Lea Michelle, Keke Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis. It follows the stereotypical mean and obnoxious sorority girls who are super exclusive in the ladies they choose to accept into their house. Chanel (Roberts) is told by the dean (Curtis) that she is to let any girl in who wishes to pledge KKT. But little do they know the house is filled with dark and dirty secrets and Kappas and those associated with them are being killed left and right.

This is where it starts looking like the Rosewood clan went to college because the bodies go missing, girls sneak around in dark rooms by themselves, and they want to confront the murderer themselves instead of going to the police. Sound familiar?

And, of course, just like Pretty Little Liars , there are so many burning questions left at the end that now you have to watch the next episode. And now we will watch until the season is over because it is so crazy and out of the box that it's addicting. Only the first episode has aired and I'm hooked. So are Ms. Bean and Ariana Grande really dead? Is Nick Jonas or the coffee guy the Red Devil? Who was the bathtub baby?

To make it even better, there were some underlying words of wisdom to the American youth hidden in the two hour premiere. There are one liners dropped about how this generation "can't handle adversity" and that kids are so sheltered nowadays that they don't know how to actually live in the world where not everything is black and white- or in most of these girls cases, just white.

So could there be more to this show than girls running around screaming about a Red Devil that is torturing a sorority house? Possibly. Even though the deaths are painfully disturbing but also kind of ridiculous, it actually makes you think about what is being said while you are trying not to lose your dinner.

Only time will tell if this show will turn into a favorite with some real substance or if it will only take you in circles for years before you find out any information about the secrets of Kappa Kappa Tau. But we will watch it anyway because it sucks you in and you have to know what happens next week. So watch out Liars because these sorority girls might be giving you a run for your money.


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