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With the recent season 2 premier of FOX's GOTHAM, the crime-fighting drama returns to thrill Bat-fans. Outside of the rapidly expanding DC Television universe, the show is a pleasant paradox: one foot firmly planted in the rich Bat-mythology, the other foot seeking to establish its own identity.

Having recently binge watched season 1 in advance of this week's season opener, the highs and lows of the series were easy to distinguish (uneven tone-from campy to gritty). With that in mind, here are a few things this Bat-fan would love to see more and less of in the new season.

  • MORE CRIME DRAMA ANGLE - Continue to play up the underworld gangster element (a la The Sopranos). Gotham City has a rich back history of mob corruption that pre-dates BATMAN and his rogues gallery. Pitting Gordon and Bullock (Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue have great chemistry) in an ever escalating stand off with the mob would ratchet up the tension in a great way.
  • LESS EASTER EGG-ESQUE ROGUES GALLERY "CAMEO" - YES. it's great to see the "origins" of Batman's super-enemies, but at times the parade distracts from the show's natural beats. Instead, now that the principles (Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, etc.) have been introduced, why not delve into Gotham's "classic" villains. This would add some freshness to the series and give the writers the opportunity to create great new characters, unencumbered by existing Bat-history (similar to Harley Quinn).
  • MORE CENTRALIZED CONSPIRACY - While there is a subplot concerning billionair-playBOY Bruce Wayne's investigation into Wayne Enterprises malfeasance, as of yet it lacks real punch. Having a more focused, concentrated and powerful "force" that works behind the scenes to thwart Bruce and Gordon's quest for the truth and justice (something akin to the Black gov't from THE X-FILES) seems only fitting. COURT OF OWLS maybe?
  • LESS GORDON/BARBARA "ARE THEY, AREN'T THEY" - So while love interests are ubiquitous to "super-shows" the future Mrs. Gordon offers nothing compelling as a character. As written, she just fills her role as "cannon" fodder socialite in distress. So either write her off, or revamp her character entirely (which the end of season 1 hinted at with a intriguing twist).
  • MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - Just who is James Gordon and what motivates his "white knight" drive? Where does his desire for justice and reform come from? What caused Bullock's turn to the dark side? Devoting more time to exploring their backgrounds and makeups would push the show into bold territory. Same goes for Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin. Let's hope we dive into his pathos this season.

THINGS I LOVE SO FAR: the ambiguous timeline that mixes vintage and modern (vintage cars, flip phones, box tvs), CAROL KANE!!!!!

Have fun!


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