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Fans of geek-culture sitcom The Big Bang Theory tuned in this week for the first episode of Season 9, and were treated to the usual brand of nerdy humor, canned laughter and unlikely friends and lovers.

Whether you love it or you hate it, after nine years, there's no doubt that The Big Bang Theory has become one of the best-known examples of nerdom, and not just because of the constant references to comics and sci-fi.

The show has also welcomed a host of geek culture icons as guests over the years, including Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, Katee Sackhoff, James Earl Jones, George Takei and many, many, more. These huge names in TV, film, comics, computing and science may appear for only a few moments or have entire episodes based around them, and often make fun of themselves in the process.

Leonard Nimoy, Summer Glau, Charlie Sheen, Stan Lee
Leonard Nimoy, Summer Glau, Charlie Sheen, Stan Lee

However, there is one star who has appeared on the show more than any other, a regular guest who often joins the show at the same time as other celebrities (even introducing them as his friends). He's been Sheldon's arch nemesis, but now the two are the best of friends (at least, Sheldon thinks they are), and it's not unusual to see him pop up in the characters' homes.

I'm referring, of course, to Wil Wheaton!

The Star Trek: The Next Generation star is a fan-favorite on the show, and now it seems that he's returning for another episode with Sheldon and the gang. Today, he tweeted this little gem:

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Episode 901!

Sadly, he hid the title of the episode from us in the image, but we can see that he'll be making an appearance in episode 6 of the current season.

There's no real way of knowing how he'll come into play, but given the events of episode 1, I'm guessing that this may have to do with Sheldon's new single status. I would absolutely love to see Sheldon and Wil out on the town, watching Sheldon awkwardly trying to flirt with women in an attempt to make Amy jealous. This is, after all, something of a social norm post-breakup, and we know how Sheldon likes to abide by conventions.

Fans also might remember that Amy and Wil had a little friction in the past - he was less than impressed by her direction of Fun With Flags, and she was upset that Sheldon might rather spend time with him than her. Could we see this rift grow if Wil is a little too pleased at their break-up?

Of course, it's perfectly possible that Wheaton will be guest starring for an entirely unrelated reason - we've got a few episodes between now and then, and that could change anything.

I'm just thrilled to see him return to the show, as he's an absolute favorite of mine, and his guest episodes are always hilarious!


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