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Do you like video games? Of course you do! Are you on the internet? You should be, because how else would you actually read this? Anyway, chances are that you heard of In an ever evolving game journalism world, where we need to take a sentence and write an entire article about it without diving into an issue, we have to dissect what someone said and bring attention to just the few words that Phil Spenser said instead of the interview as a whole.

"I've said before, the one thing that I probably find a little distasteful in the discourse around games is the divisiveness that people try to build between platforms," he replied.

Thanks Gamespot, I'm glad that you used that as the basis from a totally different article as opposed to, you know, posting the interview and making that segment a line that pops out to grab the audience. But hey, I'm only one guy that wants to read the same thing twice on two separate articles.

Instead of just saying the line and a bunch of crap after it, let's actually look at what he is saying.

He's saying "console wars are stupid." That is it. And sure it is. He's absolutely right. The "console wars" are stupid to talk about. But there are people that harp on it and use it as a way to actually make a point, just like Rush Limbaugh and literally anything that comes out of that man's cake hole.

But enough with that. Let's take a look at some actual facts, the first one being that Microsoft's Xbox One has been outsold by the Playstation 4 by at least 1:2 ratio. It's not that bad. It could be worse and head into Wii-U numbers, but it's not. You can't blame Phil for that either. Phil is here to pick up after the mess that Don Mattrick and others left in their corporate wake. Ever hire a guy to clean up after someone else's mess? That guy is Phil. He comes in and he is trying to fix everything he could possibly touch, and since he took his position everything has been at least 150% better. Yeah, an additional 50% because he is a man that cares about what the gamers think and not what an Excel spreadsheet says (granted he also most likely cares about that too).

I know I rant a lot about Don, and quite honestly I feel bad for the guy. Did you see any photos of him on Google images? He looks sad. Dude needs a hug. He made some terrible decisions though, and I know it wasn't just him. We all saw the travesty that unfolded after the announcement. We all saw Adam Orth's words on Twitter. Don't you think that perhaps Sony was able to leverage all of the hate for Microsoft into a rebirth of Playstation? Absolutely! I would have done it too! If I am dueling someone (wild west style) and they shoot themselves in the foot twice, you're damn straight that I won. Alas, I digress.

So Microsoft got a lot of bad press and that made a lot of people go "Hey Sony! Want to make $400 off of me?" and Sony went, "That's dope. Let's do this." The thing is that the more we talk about Playstation vs Xbox, the more upset some people get. On a business aspect, sure, as long as we have arguments backed by actual real facts and resources; I can see why that would be a smart thing to discuss. But I'm sure that isn't what Phil is talking about. I'm sure Phil is talking about how we need to corner ourselves into a single, solitary corner and bat away everything else like a man crying in the corner trying to get off his acid trip.

It is worth owning both consoles. I want a PS4, I do, but I have other obligations. I say it's worth it because right now Sony doesn't have any exclusive games for this holiday season. Instead their library of games are filled with exclusive costumes and skins for games that are also coming out on Xbox One. Activision now has a deal with Sony for the exclusive rights to have Call of Duty content earlier. That is a win for both parties, especially for Microsoft because instead of trying to hide Master Chief in a trunk under the stage, they can actually make Halo 5: Guardians a real focal point in their library for this holiday season. Also add other games like Tomb Raider, Forza 6, and Gears of War; all of which are amazing games in Microsoft's holiday line-up. It's a good time for people to have an Xbox One! But there are people that don't like those games and aren't interested in them, not for the sake of actual interest but only because they are Sony fanboys, and they will defend the Playstation 4 through thick and thin.

Most adults don't care, because chances are we actually buy our own stuff. I see a lot of kids (and immature adults) talk about the "console wars" like it's the war on terror. No man, it's business. Did Phil think that talking about the console wars is distasteful because Microsoft is behind? Maybe. I find it distasteful because some people on the internet are too prideful to just say "Halo 5 looks fun, I wish I could play it."

You have the right to form an opinion about what you want. I'm not going to tell you what you should say and think. I will say that you should be honest with yourself, and if you have blinders on just because the box is a different color, then you have issues that stem deeper than this nonsense. Be open, stop looking at everyone else as if you are higher than them, accept that things are different then what you expected and that it is okay to like something despite everyone else's opinions. You're only doing yourself a disservice from not experiencing all that life and video games have to offer. If you play it, and it is received by public knowledge that the game sucks, then I'll shut my mouth. But until then, grow, learn, and respect yourself.


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