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Zack Snyder's Superman is a very conflicted character in the DC Extended Universe. In Man of Steel, he had to find his purpose on Earth and decide to do what's best for himself. Obviously as we all know Man of Steel was a very controversial movie, particularly on Superman's part and the actions he had committed over the course of the film. From breaking Zod's neck to pretty much destroying half of Metropolis, Snyder's Superman has faced loads of controversy. In Batman v Superman, it seems to me that he hasn't jumped that hurdle yet as once again the narrative involves Superman being a controversial figure among the people of Earth. We obviously know the battle of Metropolis plays a large role into this, but i have the suspicion that Superman is facing more than what's led to be seen.

International Incident

I know everybody thinks that the desert scene is some type of "dream sequence," but I'm starting to have a strong feeling that it isn't. The Superman soldiers that appear in the trailer, in my strong opinion, are actually a ruthless cult that have been inspired by Superman to be justice enforcers in a ruthless matter. We even see these soldiers fire upon civilians (innocent or not) in the desert scene, proving that they're not up for peaceful intentions but using violent methods to get the point across. This incident more than likely ends up having a negative effect on Superman's image, making the world believe he going against humanity by having these Superman soldiers at his side. Which would explain why Congress wants to speak with Superman for the incident that took place.

Government pawn

Look, I know this isn't a Dark Knight Returns story where Superman does work for the government and when Superman says it himself that he would never work for them in Man of Steel. But I digress into saying he will end up working for them. Simply either because the government has too much leverage on him or Superman will feel compelled to regarding all the controversy surrounding him. In The Dark Knight Returns, Superman offers to work for the government as he wants to avert a war between the Justice League and humans. Maybe that's the same situation Snyder's Superman feels he in, as well as tensions internationally have increased due to having these powerful figures on Earth and who he alliances himself to. The scene we see Superman saving the space rocket from blowing up in could easily be Superman saving the day..or him as a government pawn.

Superman losing faith in humanity

What so funny about this is in Man of Steel, Clark already questioned his faith in humanity by asking the priest if he should help out or not. At first he seems dismissive, but the priest had to convince him to do otherwise. Now Superman's faith in humanity is really gonna be put to the test in BvS. You can already see him asking Lois and his mom about what's the right thing to do.

I always thought they were one of the last few things Clark felt connected to on Earth. Once again, just like in The Dark Knight Returns, Superman's faith in humanity was put into question. Superman selling out to the government as a pawn in their world brought him little optimism in humanity. Someone brought faith back into Miller's Superman in the Dark Knight Returns. That's gonna need to happen to Snyder's Superman as well, who do you know could possibly do that?


We all know the reason that Batman is going after Superman, and more than likely, Superman knows the reason as well, even though Superman probably sees no reason to it. I predicted awhile go that Superman will meet Batman because he doesn't approve of Batman's methods of doing justice. Knowing Superman will think Batman is more of a criminal than an actual hero and attempt to put a stop to his charades. Of course Batman will be the aggressor in the situation and Superman will patiently ignore it, or realize it as just some folly until, of course, the moneymaking title of the film. Superman might look at Batman as yet another reason not to put trust into humanity, seeing as what Batman does on a regular basis to other people is not considered right. But ultimately Batman might be the one to restore Superman's faith in mankind once more. Because hey, he's Superman... right?

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Did you agree with my reasons?


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