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So we all know how powerful and awesome Wolverine is, right? Well, here are the ones I think could beat him in a fight. Since people like Magneto and Hulk are too obvious, don't expect them to be on this list.

1. Spider-Man

So, as my first choice we have Spider-Man. Spider-Man has the ability of superhuman strength, spider senses, and outstanding reflexes. Being known to have taken down even the Hulk, Spider-Man surely possess the ability to take down Wolverine. Not to mention he's actually beaten him before... kind of.

Now for those who read the comic above, you know that's not actually Peter Parker controlling his body; but since it was in fact his body, we can assume Spider-Man could do the same if he had control.

2. Deadpool

Similar to Wolverine, we have Deadpool. Now since both have an amazing healing factor some might say their fight could last forever. In a Death Battle that may be the case, but here we're only looking for a KO. So with that being said, I do believe Deadpool has the ability to win this fight. He has above average agility, an endless supply of weapons, and is even a skilled swordsman. Not to mention Deadpool has also fought Wolverine before and actually held his own.

Along with Wolverine, he has also fought Captain America, Daredevil, and even Taskmaster. Take a look.

3. Black Panther

Next we have Black Panther. Since Black Panther owns the strongest metal on Earth, this fight shouldn't be that hard to predict. Being known to be a skilled hunter, tracker, strategist, politician, inventor, scientist...

  • Trained acrobat, gymnast and martial artist
  • Superhuman senses
  • Olympic-level strength, speed, agility, stamina and reflexes
  • Genius-level intellect

Now obviously Black Panther is a good candidate for the beast, Wolverine. Even Dr. Doom has to show some respect.

4. Namor

So, now we have the King of the Sea, Namor. With the power of Aquatic adaptation...

  • Superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes
  • Mild invulnerability
  • Flight via tiny wings on his ankles
  • Longevity


  • Telepathic control over sea creatures
  • Ability to copy the powers of sea creatures

He's even made Sentry bleed with one punch.

Not to mention he's KO'd Wolverine before.

5. Human Torch

And finally we have Human Torch. Being known to have the ability to get as hot or hotter than than the sun, Human Torch could indeed beat Wolverine in a fight. With his flight and speed advantages, he could probably end the fight whenever he wanted. He's even blown up a cube of adamantium... Ya know, that stuff Wolverine's skeleton is made of.

He's even fought Wolverine before. Unfortunately, Wolverine got lucky.


Agree with my list? Who else do you think can beat the Beast Wolverine?

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