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2015 is reaching a close and boy did comic book lover get a does of awesome! But what of 2016? with the titles of the next years line up of film adaptations already revealed Fanboys and girls have been left with the impression that this coming year is certainly the year of comic book movies.

Today I am going to rank each movie set to be released in 2016 in terms of how I believe they will perform in the box office. The line of films to be released thus far are as follows-

February 12: Deadpool (Fox), March 25: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, May 6: Captain America: Civil War, May 27: X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox), August 5: Suicide Squad, October 7: Gambit (Fox), November 4: Doctor Strange.

A total of seven blockbuster film that are sure to own this years box office. and here is my list everyone.!!

7) Gambit- October 7

First on our list is Gambit, This film is a much anticipated one as it one of two solo films fox is releasing based on a character from the terrible x-men origin movie. Gambit is sure o be a hit and with the almost perfectly cast Channing Tatum as Gambit himself it is sure to make back what it cost. The reasoning behind it being the lowest of the year is the seemingly controversial issues that surrounded Tatum accepting the role earlier this year. This is sure to have put a lot of fans off Overall Like all the film of 2016 Gambit is still going to be a massive hit, Something Fox will need After Fantastic Four.....

6) Doctor Strange-November 4

The second Film on the list will be closing off the season of what will be a stellar year for comic book/ superhero movie fans worldwide. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme he will be the second Sherlock Holmes to join he already star studded cast in the Marvel universe. Capping of the season with a bang the only reason Doctor Strange is ranked so low is because it has to compete with films like Dawn of Justice and Civil War. Most likely everyone will have to money left to go see it :P

5) Deadpool- February 12

Quite Frankly I am Horrified with my self for putting Deadpool so low on this list. It would come to no shock to me if it broke records simply due to be watching it in the cinema again and again. Since the test footage was released This misfit mercenary has seen a popularity surge of hulking proportions! Being a long time fan myself Deadpool does not only reach the hearts of die hard fans of the Merc with a mouth but also provided and awesome movie everyday movie goers. The only issue is it's rating. As happy as I an d Deadpool fans everywhere are thrilled to know Deadpool will be it;s much needed rated R it also takes away over half the possible income as it restricts the audience to over 18's only. I believe its DvD release will spark a huge profit but until then only a particular group of the world may view it. If circumstances were different I guarantee you Deadpool would Top this list Hands Down, For now Enjoy the slice of perfect that is the Red-band trailer!

4) X-Men Apocalypse- May 27

As Fox's big gun for 2016 X-men Apocalypse is sure to make the most money of ll it's films (only because of Deadpool's rating restrictions). With this being the next, and one of the last, adventures for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine since the incredibly good Days of future Past expect this film to be downright awesome!

3) Suicide Squad- August 5

What I believe will be the breakout film of the the year, Suicide squad is the first film from either franchise to sport super villains as the primary antagonists for one of their movies. With a cast sure to impress even the harshest of critics such as Killer Croc, Deadshot and even the most out of this world personification of the Joker yet (played by Jared Leto), none seem to have the Fans collective tongues Wagging more than the debut cinematic appearance of Dr. Harlene "Harley" Quin (Margot Robbie). Set to also Feature Ben Afflecks Batman this instant hit going to be EPIC!

2) Captain America: Civil war- May 6

Marvel Studios Big gun for this year is set to impress. Being dubbed as an Avengers 3 of sorts Civil war is set to be the foreground of the biggest battle among heroes while paving the way for a Marvel new Line up of Heavy hitter suck as Villain Cross Bones and the Prince of Wakanda, The Black Panther. As a Huge fan of everything Marvel myself I am anticipating this film with huge Expectations and a relentless Excitement. Sure to make it to the top of the year best films only one stands in the way of Civil being the film of the year.

1) Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice- March 25

Although personally I would love to see this film Lower down the ranks to maybe even under Suicide Squad logically this just is not going to happen. With and awesome Trailer that leaves theorist everywhere in a feeding frenzy Dawn of justice is going to be just that, the start of the Avenger biggest competition, The Justice League. Am i excited for this movie? Yes and No, First of all Dc has just once again rehashed the same to characters to star in a movie as they have for over a decade now. As awesome as Superman is with his power and Dark and mysterious the caped Crusader remains the main reason I am Still Interested in seeing this before the DvD release is because of new additions like Wonder Woman, Aquaman ad the ever growing likeliness that the main Villain will be none other than DOOMSDAY! Other reason include the possibility of the Red hood AKA Jason Todd AKA a former Robin. with many going as far as saying Jason is actually a Joker copycat is one of the many mysteries keeping fans heavily engaged in this film. Sure to break records around the world Prepare to be amazed by the Dawn of Justice.

In the end Comic Book movies are progressing as the go to features at cinemas and if 2016 unprecedented lineup isn't enough to impress, thn your one ough nut to crack!


Which Film to you want to see the most in 2016??


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