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Where the roller coaster ride begun, or where the ship sailed smooth or is it too much to ask for both? With that in mind, I humbly present the crown jewel in the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which has still maintained its spotlight as one of the best comic book prequels of all time. For your consideration, my review of 2008's Iron Man!

A nutshell's review: Not only was Iron Man the first one of its kind but unique enough to be considered "One of a kind"

An ironic review:

With its high standards in comical, commercial and critical success, what are the key elements behind them all? Could this mean people are left with the impression that it's like a flawless work of art, assuming either Jon Favreau or Robert Downey Jr is the Da Vinci of our time?

Er, maybe not. I was hoping maybe something else that's close but different in approach, like for instance, the elements in character development, the story, the irony? Bingo, that's just it. How about we fill Iron Man's character with irony and turn the outcome into a masterpiece?

One thing that sums up the movie in a nutshell is its irony. Not only does it vaguely or considerately bring about the need for a new character that turns out to be iconic, but it makes its overall tone a lot more ironic.

How ironic, Obadiah. Trying to kill an eccentric, selfish billionaire so as to mount over his throne, you gave him his best superhero counterpart ever! And now you intend to kill him with his very own weapon? Well, you did just get owned a few seconds ago, it was just fate that you survived the fall. Sure Tony doesn't have any more tricks up his sleeve? Wait a minute, he just took off one of his repulsor fists, that's one sleeve down. Guess Obadiah just earned himself a plus point, but he'd better think twice before messing with someone that build their first suit as he stated, "IN A CAVE, WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS." Oh, the irony!

Tony does however manage to get Pepper to set up his backup plan as he fries Obadiah out of the game doing which he falls into the arc reactor that causes instant death. Throughout the movie, we see Tony change his character from what he was before to what he could do to save the world. He realizes he had become part of something greater, a world not free of weapons, and wants to protect the people that he put in harms way. This includes the Maximoff twins as well.

What any average moviegoer would expect from any awesome movie is a dramatic showdown. Sure Tony owned Obadiah with the icing problem but it was eventually Pepper Potts that saved the day. Ironic, cause she was the one that needed to be saved earlier. No, it wasn't exactly perfect that she pushed the master bypass button, but the impact it delivered on character development was damn near perfect. Let's face it, all prequels have their weaknesses, unless it's something as cool as X-Men: First Class or The Avengers or Guardians Of The Galaxy and so on. As for solo prequels, this one does straight-handed justice by leaps and bounds. If only Iron Man 2 could have been made this way, for I just don't see why not!

Duly noted that most people don't like waiting until the very end of the credits, this post credit scene makes a hell lot of sense. Because it teases the Avengers? Probably yes, but it does take note that besides being part of a world not free of weapons, Tony Stark had become part of a bigger universe which he didn't know just yet.

Standout moments:

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