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James Duke Armstrong

hay guys its been awhile but i'm back and i bring news about my fan film

we have finished writing part one and working on part two its still in the works and there are some scene that just wont make it to paper yes its a fan film but we want people to enjoy it and now boo it rip it apart and set it on fire plus we want it to be good so even marvel might enjoy it. also interesting fact not every character we wrote in was gonna be in it at first. Ya four years is a lot of time to come up with a working story-line before the first draft even came out we had a hard time coming up with some scenes over others but it was worth it and we hope you will enjoy it when it is finally posted you guys will of curse be the first to see it before anyone else. Will besides the cast crew and friends and family.

also it might be getting a series on YouTube might not sure yet don't quote me on this anyway we are all really enjoying working on the film we are gonna start auditioning people for parts soon we are already talking to some people haven't heard back yet who knows what could happen one thing is for sure i hope all you true believers out there enjoy what us at club awesome are working so hard to keep alive so that x-men evolution doesn't die after it was ended we fan want it to live on as long as possible that's another reason for the fan film to keep that fandom going and bring it to new heights will that's all for now folks

This has been James Armstrong saying x-geeks forever goodnight everybody.


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