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Female Superheroes have had a real renaissance recently. In the comics world, after Marvel released their all-female Avengers team in the form of A Force, DC have recently announced their own all-female Justice League comic, which will debut in January 2016.

The movies are slowly catching up too: though male heroes have dominated the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years, there will finally be a female lead solo film in the form of Captain Marvel in 2018, but not before DC's own Wonder Woman movie in 2017.

But there are still many many female superheroes who are absent from the movie canon. So here's our list of the top 10 heroes ignored by the films, and why they should be on the big screen as soon as possible!!

NOTE: they're not really in a ranking order because I love them all and it's too hard to pick favourites. But you can vote for your faves in the poll at the end!


It's kind of an odd title, to be sure, but She-Hulk is one badass and awesome hero.

Jennifer Walters juggles her life as a hero and criminal defence lawyer, after an emergency blood transfusion from cousin Bruce Banner gave her a milder version of his green rage monster condition. Her transformation was permanent, but she managed to retain her personality and emotional state.

Why She Should Be In The MCU: uh, because she's awesome? Seriously though, fans have been asking for a solo Hulk movie for ages, as Bruce is one of the most underdeveloped members of the Avengers. Jennifer Walters and Betty Ross could drive the story, trying to find Bruce after his disappearance at the end of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), and along the way Walters gets that all-important blood transfusion, becoming She-Hulk. Cool, yeah!

Zatanna Zatara

Over to DC for the next choice! Zatanna is one of the most powerful characters in the DC comics, and a longtime member of the Justice League.

Innately magical, Zatanna uses her actual powers in both her heroic life and professionally as a stage magician. She has a good relationship with most of the Justice League, happy to offer advice or support her fellow heroes.

Why She Should Be In The DCEU: it makes sense, doesn't it? The movies are building up to Justice League Part One, and Aquaman's recent poster with the slogan "Unite The Seven" proved that there will indeed be 7 members of the League. We know 5 already (Bats, WW, Supes, Aquaman, Flash), and given the Green Lantern Corps movie we can assume one of the Green Lanters will be the fifth member. But who's the seventh? Why not Zatanna!

Kate Bishop AKA Hawkeye

Kate Bishop was introduced in the first Young Avengers comic, but she's risen to popularity in the last couple of years thanks to her involvement in Matt Fraction's Hawkeye comic.

Terminal do-gooder, wants to do good for you.
Terminal do-gooder, wants to do good for you.

Ah, Kate Bishop. "Like nine years old and spoiled rotten", as Clint Barton describes her, Kate is determined to make a life for herself as (pretty much) an Avenger. Her powers? Non existent, unless you count making awesome coffee and being the greatest sharpshooter known to man.

Why She Should Be In The MCU: her entrance would not only give Clint a bigger role as a mentor (and allow him to spend more time with his family while Kate takes over as Hawkeye), but also introduce the Young Avengers to the movie/TV show canon. Plus, she's pretty great.


Starfire has been a part of the DC universe since 1980, and was beloved by kids and older fans alike for her role in the popular animated show Teen Titans.

Starfire isn't human, but as a Tamaranean she can convert solar radiation into other forms of energy, giving her the powers of flight and strength, and after experimentation she also gains the ability to transform energy into green bursts that she shoots from her hands.

Why She Should Be In The DCEU: ok, she doesn't fit into DC's current film plan, but Starfire's alien origins make her the perfect character to lead DC's expansion into the space-based plots (a la Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy).


Jessica Drew is one of the most popular characters in Marvel's comics, appearing in several Avengers team comics as well as her own solo series.

She's a compelling character: sharp, funny, and sweet, with a difficult past. A newbie Avenger, Jessica has a great dynamic with the team. In the Secret Avengers (great comic, you should check it out) she and Black Widow are best friends, which is adorable and awesome...

Why She Should Be In The MCU: she'd make a great addition as the naive newbie Avenger, trying to navigate the tricky world of covert government operations while dealing with her ex-boyfriend Clint Barton. Or with her chequered past, maybe she would fit better in the Netflix Defenders world...

Renee Montoya (The Question)

Who doesn't love noir detectives? Renee Montoya is one of Gotham's most sardonic and hardboiled sleuths, often clashing with Batman over how best to protect the city.

First appearing in Batman: The Animated Series, Montoya was later added to the comics and eventually took over as The Question.

Why She Should Be In The DCEU: before you protest yes, I know she's in Gotham. But as DC's TV and movie canon is separate, she could definitely appear in the movies too, but as her plot is tied to Gotham city, she'd best fit in Batman's eventual solo movie.


One of the core members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Moondragon possesses many skills both intellectually and as a superpowered being. Oh, and she can turn into a dragon.

First appearing as a villain, Heather Douglas has had a bit of a complex role in the Marvel comics, but eventually she found her place as one of the Guardians and her true love in fellow heroine Phyla-Vell.

Why She Should Be In The MCU: she can turn into a dragon! Don't tell me you don't want to see that on the big screen. Plus, with her massive ego and brash personality, she'd fit perfectly with the Guardians.

Sir Ystin

Ok, this one's a bit of a cheat, as the Shining Knight I'm referring to is actually non-binary as far as gender goes, so doesn't really fit on a list of female superheroes but they're here anyway.

Self described as "not a man or a woman, but both", Sir Ystin doesn't have a lot of powers other than being an actual Knight from King Arthur's reign.

Why They Should Be In The DCEU: yeah, Arthurian legends don't really fit with DC's gritty aesthetic, but if they ever want to do a time-travel plot, Sir Ystin's my choice! Because who doesn't want to see a middle ages knight trying to work out modern technology?!


With a myriad of psionic and telepathic powers, Danielle Moonstar has been a member of the X Men and X Force, as well as having a number of adventures in Asgard.

Moonstar first discovered her mutant status when she started manifesting the darkest fears of others, and seeing visions of her parents' death. She soon joined the X-Men and proved a valuable member of the team, learning to control her abilities.

Why She Should Be In The MCU I MEAN X-Men: as a Native American (Cheyenne), Danielle would add some diversity to the team. Plus her powers would be very cool to see in the movies, especially those darkest fears manifestations...

Poison Ivy

I know, I know, she's a supervillain. But she's so iconic she just can't be left off this list!

Being able to control plants may not seem like that great of a power, but Poison Ivy is a formidable foe. With a phD in botany, she is the world's most dangerous eco-terrorist, and a permanent thorn in Batman's side.

Why She Should Be In The DCEU: she's one of Batman's most iconic villains, and with her long running friendship with Harley Quinn, it's difficult to imagine Harley in the movies without her gal pal...

So there you have it folks! Our top 10 picks for female superheroes who need to be in the movies like, yesterday. Be sure to vote for your own faves!


Who's the no.1 female superhero in this list?


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