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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Think you know The Blair Witch Project? Reddit user xXSJADOo has a pretty interesting theory that could flip the conventional reading of the movie on its head...

At the end of The Blair Witch Project, Heather and Josh head down to the basement. There, we see what she sees: the incredibly creepy sight of Mike gazing blankly into the corner. She drops the camera and the film ends abruptly.

Is Heather dead? Probably. Who killed her? The Blair Witch? Maybe not...

Think back to the beginning of the movie when Heather and co. are telling the story of Rustin Parr. The Blair Witch exerted her powers on him to make him lure children, in pairs, to her house in the woods to be slaughtered. Although a ruthless killer, he was merciful enough to spare the children the sight of seeing other kids killed: so he made them stand in the corner while he killed their friend.

His motive or method of influence from the Blair Witch was never fully revealed and Rustin Parr was hanged for his wicked deeds.

So... is JOSH our modern day Rustin Parr, influenced by The Blair Witch?

There are certainly clues. Josh seems to be singled out by the witch right from the start. He is 'marked' by the Witch with the slime on his backpack, possibly because he disrespects her woods by kicking over one of the creepy piles of stones. Josh is the one who disappears, and its his screams that lead him to the house where they are (presumably) killed.

It's also Josh's blood-spattered teeth, wrapped in his own shirt, that serve as a grisly signpost for his tracks. This is seriously disturbing if we choose to believe that Josh is possessed by the Blair Witch: he must have wrenched out his own teeth.

Most convincingly of all, seeing as the Blair Witch influenced Rustin Parr to kill those children, why would she change her methods now?


Who killed Heather and Mike?

Source: Reddit, Youtube


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