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Arrow season four is nearer than ever, with only two weeks of anticipation left. Now the CW is feeding us with some trailer, recently CW realsed a new trailer that shows more footage and explains some unanswered questions that were left in the full length trailer. You can watch it for yourself below!

Who knew so much can happen in a minute? So with the trailer going off to such a fast paste heres a quick breakdown to breakdown the things you might of missed.

Oliver's happy with Felicity!

So happy he was going to Propose!

Bad timing Thea and Laurel...

With the Arrow gone for so long a special guest payed a visit to Star City by the name of Anarky!

He doesn't want to go back to being the Arrow!

All it took was a little persuading from Felicity!

And a new costume!

In the flashbacks, he's becoming more of the Arrow!

And in the present he's becoming more of the Green Arrow!

Is Dahmien a metahuman?

Or did he just using technology to stop the Arrow?

What's going on?!

Bros before foes!

So what did you think of the trailer? Loved it or hated? Let me know in the comment section below!


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