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If you were interviewing to be Britney's body guard and she started acting erratically, it would be understandable if you started to panic, considering the pop star's dramatic 2007 breakdown.

This is exactly what happened to three hopefuls who put themselves forward to protect the princess of pop on her Vegas tour, but little did they know that they were being pranked by Neil Patrick Harris for The Best Time Ever.

Please not this again...
Please not this again...

While most of Brit Brit's actions are stereotypical blond bimbo fare or straight up diva-ish behavior, some of the unlucky interviewees are treated to some spur of the moment juggling that must have had them glancing nervously around the room for electric shavers...

Below is a quick breakdown of the most hilarious/cringeworthy moments from Britney's stellar performance. Do you think you could have held it together better than the would-be body guards?

It's Britney, Bitch

To be fair, I would use this as my standard greeting if I had the opportunity!

I'm Britney, Look What I Can Do!

Just like a circus!

Can You Stay Close to Me Without Anyone Noticing?

Wow, that new backing dancer is SO dynamic!

Now that you've had a bit of a taster of what's in store, check out the whole hilarious clip for yourself below:

You've got to love Britney's sense of humor and how she isn't afraid to have a laugh at her own expense, even though behaving in such a bizarre manor definitely casts the public's minds back to her very public nervous breakdown.

There is no denying that Brit definitely seems stronger than she has been in a long time at the moment, and here's hoping that she continues to slay like the pop icon she is. Werk, Brit!

(Source: Uproxx)


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