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It seems like Hawkeye has finally realized he's the practitioner of a, quite frankly, antiquated form of warfare and has decided to upgrade his arsenal.

The Avengers star, Jeremy Renner, was recently spotted heading into a Nevada gun store where he loaded up on arms and ammunition. According to TMZ's snoops, among Renner's purchases were a $300 Remington Model 870 shotgun, a $750 Springfield Armory XD 9mm pistol (the XD stands for X-Treme Duty by the way, and isn't a hysterically laughing emoticon) and a machete.

Where is he heading with all this firepower? Well, despite favoring a bow and arrow in The Avengers, Renner is actually a bit of a gun enthusiast and owns an extensive collection of firearms. However, considering these weapons could be seen as relatively cheap, basic and practical, it seems they're more likely destined for a life on Renner's 16-acre ranch outside of Reno.

In fact, the guns were an issue of contention in his recent divorce with estranged wife Sonni Pacheco. According to court documents, Pacheco was concerned with Renner's large collection, especially one weapon he kept out in the open, apparently behind a bar. However, Renner disputes this saying his guns were also all locked up.

Source: TMZ


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