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In an interview with Esquire magazine back in 2011, True Blood star Evan Rachel Wood came out publicly as bisexual and since then has used her position of fame to blow up the negative and harmful discriminatory attitudes facing the bi-community.

As this week is Bisexual Awareness Week, the 28-year-old took to Twitter in an active, honest and open conversation which addressed the battles she's faced with biphobia and depression.

Sharing the Human Rights Campaign’s new brief ‘Health Disparities Among Bisexual People,’ Wood first broke down the key points within the report and then went onto discuss her own path towards accepting and embracing her bisexuality, offering words of encouragement to others in the meantime.

Here are a few examples of the key points:

Inspired by her frank discussion of the topic, Nylon magazine reached out to the star to discuss the topic of bisexuality, bishame and biphobia, in a context that would allow more than 140 character answers.

Explaining that she'd spent years attempting to fit into a box that didn't fit her, she found accepting her true self has been the key to happiness:

I realized I was happier when I just accepted myself. I stopped feeling like I had to prove my "queerness." I knew who I was and that was enough. Also just noting that some people view the word queer as offensive. Some embrace it and identify with it. I always liked the word when it wasn't being used in a derogatory way. So to be clear, I am using it in a non-derogatory sense.

Throughout the interview, Wood gives her interpretations of bisexuality, experimentation and pansexuality, saying that curiosity and forming long term relationships with multiple partners is not the same thing as identifying as bisexual.

When asked how she feels about bisexuality as a, to quote Sex and the City, a "layover to Gaytown," she replied:

"Because for some, it is a gateway. Some people go through more of a transition, for whatever reason they feel. But just because you once identified as bisexual and now you identify as gay, doesn't mean every bisexual is just "afraid to come all the way out.” Your experience is your experience. Period. I have a feminine side and a masculine side. I think I finally found a good marriage between the two. They have made peace with each other. When I am with a man, I am not straight. When I am with a woman, I am not gay. I am always bi. I am always me. I can’t "pick a side" or "shut one down."

One is not better than the other. They are just different. The only choice I make is the choice to be happy by letting go and just being myself."

Read more of Nylon's in depth interview with Evan Rachel Wood over on their website, and follow this link to check out other celebrities who have taken a stand for causes close to their hearts.

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