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Any fan of the Harry Potter book series and movie adaptations would assume that the actor playing the Boy Who Lived must have also been a huge Potterhead right from the very start. However, this assumption is very wrong.

While the book series penned by the genius that is J.K. Rowling has sold close to 500 million copies and remains one of the most read series in history, Daniel Radcliffe has openly admitted that he was not swept up in the craze at first. Back in 2014, in fact, he revealed that as a kid:

"I only read the first two and I wasn't really as into it as everyone else in my class was, just because I wasn't really a reader. I was like oh books, I'm not ready."

In reality, when little Daniel came face-to-face with the books when they first came out in 1997, it was his father that read them to him:

"I remember he did an excellent voice of the basilisk which used to terrify me."

And it was only when the young actor landed the part of the young wizard, his indifference changed and he started to pay close attention to the series. And you'll be glad to know that once the ball started rolling, his obsession with Harry Potter could not be curbed. He recalls how he even used to act out scenes from the books in his bedroom, pretending to be the boy he would then go on to play for many years to come:

"I kind of got into it later. And then when I got the part what was interesting … was that I was reading the fourth book when we started making the first movie and I remember being in my hotel room in Newcastle when we were about to go out and shoot the first scenes on the platform at 9 and three quarters and everything. And I remember being in my room reading passages of the book and getting really excited and pretending to be Harry in character in the books, jumping around my room acting out bits of what I would then be acting out for real like six years later."

It's now been 4 years since the final installment of the wizarding franchise hit our big screens, and since then, we have bid farewell to our favorite witches and wizards, and seen the actors who reprised them mature and go on to work on other projects.

Difficulties breaking away from the Harry Potter franchise

Yet, breaking away from a colossal franchise like Harry Potter was never going to be an easy feat. Especially when the faces of those actors and actresses involved had become so ingrained in our minds as our beloved characters from J.K.'s wizarding world. Needless to say however, the leads succeeded in marking out their own paths in the movie industry.

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint's blossoming careers aside, Daniel Radcliffe certainly succeeded in taking on a wide spectrum of roles, pushing him out of overbearing the Harry Potter role that he was linked to for over a decade.

And since the final credits of the fantasy franchise rolled, he's meddled with dark spirits in horror flick The Woman in Black, donned a pair of devil horns for thriller Horns, played poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, been a leading man in rom-com What If? and soon, you can catch him as Igor in sci-fi drama Victor Frankenstein alongside James McAvoy. Check out the trailer here:

And most recently, jaw-dropping images emerged from Daniel's upcoming film Imperium, scheduled for release in 2016:

Yep, that's him! In preparation for his role as an undercover FBI agent among neo-Nazis, Daniel had to shave his head to fit the part. And if this isn't a conclusive break away from Harry Potter, I don't know what is.

It's crazy how far Daniel has come since his first forays into acting as an 11-year-old, a youngster who wasn't even into reading the books that eventually made him the superstar that he is today! Life's a funny thing, isn't it?



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