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(Warning - mild, speculative potential SPOILERS for future Marvel movies lie below. Proceed with mild, speculative caution...)

With superhero movies having gradually become the mainstream action movies of choice over the past decade, and connected cinematic universes becoming not only popular, but seemingly ubiquitous, it's perhaps not too surprising that a whole lot of what we've traditionally held to be true about action movies has fundamentally changed - from the way sequels are envisioned, all the way through to actors' salaries. One particular detail, though, remains intriguingly constant: When the villains are done well, they're everyone's favorite part of the movie.

Much as that was true for Hans Gruber back in Die Hard, it remains so today, with Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight defining the movie for many, and Tom Hiddleston's Loki in The Avengers proving a widespread fan favorite.

In the latter case, though, that popularity hasn't necessarily fully soaked in for the actor in question.

Tom Hiddleston Doesn't Think We Want More Loki

Yup, that's right. That Loki.

The one everyone loves.

Y'see, if you ask Hiddleston - as MTV News recently did - it turns out that he's not at all convinced that fans want all that much more of the Norse trickster god. As Hiddleston revealed:

"I never quite know whether people want to see him again or whether people want to move on… I can’t really take the temperature on it."

Which, seeing as the vast majority of comic book fans tend to consider Loki the greatest villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, kind of makes it seem like Hiddleston's been reading the wrong online forums - or is being preternaturally modest.

Thankfully, though:

He's Still Got Plans to Keep Playing Loki

What's more, it sure sounds as though Hiddleston's got a specific plan for keeping both himself and Marvel's fans interested:

"It feels like, if it even happened again, I would try not to repeat myself...I would try to do something new. I never want to feel like I’m retreading the same steps."

Which, as MTV's Josh Horowitz notes, is something that Marvel is already pretty darned good at - which Hiddleston evidently very much agrees with:

"Yeah - it's really remarkable what they've done, actually..."

Or, in other words?

We're Probably Still Set to See a Whole Lot More Loki

After all, we've still got Thor: Ragnarok coming up - in which Loki will presumably wind up being challenged for the throne of Asgard by his brother Thor, offering up a (surely Hiddleston-pleasing) Shakespearean-style Marvel movie. Plus, with Avengers: Infinity War closing up an initial Avengers trilogy not long after, there's surely going to be space for Loki to finally prove himself a (kind of) hero, and help the Avengers take down Thanos.

Or, y'know, betray everyone as per usual.

Either way, the big question?

What do you think?


Do you want to see more Loki in the MCU?

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