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After we saw a mock up of how Cristina Ricci would look as Morticia Addams, we've collectively gone seriously kooky for the iconic Addams family, so it only seemed fitting for us to bathe in the blackness once more and do some revision on the rotten romantics.

Below are 14 altogether kooky facts about the morbid clan, but which one will blow your mind like Fester's hot seat?

14. MortiCHER Addams?

Cher was interested in being Morticia Addams before Huston won the role!

13. There's Something About Gomez

John Astin and Raul Julia as Gomez
John Astin and Raul Julia as Gomez

By the time the 1991 movie was made, the entire adult cast of the '60s original series had passed away except for John Astin, who used to play Gomez. Tragically, Astin also outlived Raul Julia who stepped into Gomez's immaculate shoes for the remake.

12. Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

Early makeup designs for Gomez included dark circles around his eyes, similar to Fester's. This was redesigned before filming to give him a more conventionally attractive appearance, but can still be seen on the film's posters and other publicity material like the one above.

11. It Started with a Click

The idea of making the movie came to producer Scott Rudin after a studio executive in a van he was driving started humming the theme tune to the '60s show and everyone else joined in with the obligatory singing and finger snapping. This convinced Rudin there was sufficient residual interest in the altogether kooky family to attempt a feature length movie.

10. Swapping Fester for an Oscar

Antony Hopkins was offered the role of Fester, but he turned it down to play Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. This was definitely a smart decision because he won Best Actor at the Oscars for his performance.

9. Anjelica's Eye-tistry

To make Anjelica Huston's eyes look slanted like the original Morticia, the make-up artists attached strings with spirit gum to the outside corners of her eyes and anchored the strings to her head to keep her skin taut.

8. Morticia's Metal Corset

As if having your eyes yanked around wasn't enough, Huston also had to seriously alter her body shape to transform into Morticia. Director Barry Sonnenfeld explained that:

"Morticia has a shape only a cartoonist can draw so we lashed Anjelica into a metal corset that created this hips-and-waist thing I've never seen any woman have in reality."

Although the visuals might have been striking, Huston doesn't remember her time in the restraints fondly, she said:

"Come afternoon, I could be prone to a really good headache from my various bondages and because I couldn't lie down [in the corset] or rest, it was fairly exhausting."

7. Back from the Dead

Remember Mercedes McNab, the kid selling Girl Scout cookies in The Addams Family? Well, she returned to play Amanda Buckman in The Addams Family Values a few years later.

6. Just Another Weepin' Wednesday

The name Wednesday is a reference to the line in the Mother Goose poem that goes, "Wednesday's child is full of woe."

5. Grey Inspiration

Big and Little Edie.
Big and Little Edie.

Anjelica Huston knew that their was no point trying to imitate the much loved Carolyn Jones with her portrayal of Morticia Addams, so she turned to a notoriously bleak documentary for inspiration instead.

The 1991 version of Morticia was dreamed up by observing Big and Little Edie of the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. These two faded figures were an aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy who had lost their fortune and lived in a dilapidated mansion with only each other for company. Cheerful.

4. History Repeating

The Addams family house
The Addams family house

The house set for the 1991 Addams Family movie was built on Stage 3/8, the same stage as the house set from the 1964 TV show.

3. Tarred for Life

The splash of tar from the opening gag is visible on the front of the Addams' house through the rest of the movie.

2. Unholy Homage

Several scenes in the movie play homage to original Charles Addams illustrations, most notably the introduction sequence where the Addams family pours a cauldron of oil on the Christmas carolers (see the video above!), the octopus painted on the footboard of Wednesday's bed, and Pugsley holding the road sign.

1. Brushing of Burton

Tim Burton was originally set to direct The Addams Family. He had worked with both writers Caroline Thompson and Larry Wilson on Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice before, but he decided not to take the job.

(Source: IMDB)


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