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Their kids might already be filthy rich and incredibly privileged, but believe it or not, some Hollywood parents still want to teach their broods the importance of being good world citizens.

The following 9 celebrities are notoriously strict when it comes to laying down the law in their respective households. From restricting how much candy their kids eat, to sticking to early bed-times and limiting hours spent in front of the TV, these parents are determined to raise their kids the right way. Let's find out who is most likely to put you in the naughty corner:

1. Madonna

Considering her own shenanigans over the years, you wouldn't put Madonna down as being a very strict mother. However, it seems that she runs a very tight ship at home when it comes to her children. For example, in 2005, she famously said that they were banned from watching TV because it's "filled with trash."

They're also not allowed candy and ice cream. Damn.

2. Jessica Alba

Ever since we can remember, Jessica Alba has been an advocate for a healthy diet and a good exercise regime. And on top of that, she said she's also a strict mom. Talking about her daughter, Honor, she once told David Letterman:

"I’m very strict with her. When it’s time for her to eat, whether she’s hollering or whatever, it’s time to eat. She gets a time out if she cries for no reason... sometimes she asks me to go to time out."

3. Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett famously follows a "mom first, friend second" parenting philosophy. Speaking about bringing up her kids, she's previously said:

"My husband and I worry about our generation trying to be friends with their children rather than parents of their children. If you're going to try and make your children like you, you're in dangerous waters I think."

4. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Raising six kids is no easy feat, but it seems that somehow, Brangelina have managed to do a pretty good job. Whenever they're in public, none of their children misbehave, suggesting that the celebrity couple are always in control. So, what's their secret? Well, Angelina has previously put their good behavior down to the close bonds they have with their parents. She's said:

"Brad has always had this incredible bond with Mad, who’s very smart, and Brad loves teaching him about history and art and culture — it’s an amazing thing to watch them together."

She also claims that while Brad still plays 'bad cop' from time to time, it's often not needed because the kids already know what's expected of them. Way to go!

5. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts encourages her kids to be well-behaved at all times, and prevents them from eating too much sugar:

"You want sweets, ice cream, and cake to be a great treat and a celebration. Something that's not everyday."

6. David & Victoria Beckham

Just like Brad and Angelina's kids, the Beckham brood have never acted out in public, all thanks to the respect they have for their parents. This is what David has to say:

"Me and Victoria were brought up with strong discipline by our parents and to have respect for people and our boys have definitely got that."

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Unsurprisingly, Gwyneth Paltrow also makes the list. Her brood, Apple and Moses, aren't allowed to ever eat junk food! Not even one chip!

Instead, the Iron Man star rules the household with her iron fist, cooking up 100% gluten-free meals that exclude all carbohydrates, meaning no delicious pasta for dinner or buttery toast for breakfast. I would throw a tantrum...

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the Block insists that if they want to have fun on the weekend, her twins have to earn it by being good during the week. Only then are they allowed to use their iPads, sleep in with her, have a late breakfast and watch TV on 'Sunday Sunday.'

9. Megan Fox

Clearly this no TV rule is very popular amongst the Hollywood elite because Megan Fox is also in on it. But hers goes way beyond the other celebrities' on this list.

Reportedly, Megan forbids her kids from watching any TV at all, nor are they allowed to play computer games or be on the internet. Only sometimes are they allowed to watch movies. Wow!

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