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If you've spent more than 3 minutes on the Internet, you'll know that bizarre fan theories now make up a not insignificant portion of the internet. Practically every film, new and old, is now followed up with myriad fan theories, many of which suggest everyone in the film is actually dead.

It turns out Ghostbusters is no different, as one fan theory suggests the Ghostbusters actually killed themselves (and presumably everyone else on the planet) at the grand conclusion of the film.

What? They're All Dead?

The main crux of the theory concerns the Ghostbusters' use of their proton packs at the final climax of the movie. Previously, Egon had outlined just how world-endingly dangerous these ghost-zapping weapons really were, warning his fellow Busters about the dangers of 'crossing the streams.' Check out that scene below:

However, as everyone knows, the Ghostbusters decided to forget this warning when it came to defeating a giant Marshmallow monster - crossing the streams and creating enough energy to save the day. Let's also remind ourselves of that moment below:

But the theory states that in reality they did kill themselves and, presumably, everyone else around them. The post-victory celebration was therefore just a fantasy in their minds.

Ok, so no doubt you're now thinking about the sequels? Well, the fan theory has a reply to that too: In Ghostbusters II everyone is in purgatory, which is essentially exactly the same as real New York. The film repeats the events of the first movie, but things are slightly skewed, which apparently explains why no one remembers the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attack.

Of course, this theory has more holes in that a sieve with a massive hole in it. For example, if purgatory is seemingly exactly the same as real life, then what actually is the consequence of dying? Nothing? Furthermore, there are still ghosts in purgatory? Can ghosts exist in the after-life? That doesn't seem to make much sense either. Still, at least it's an interesting topic for discussion.

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