ByEthan Jacobson, writer at

For me Lego Photography was just an idea that I came up with for a way to express myself. I had wanted to make my own instagram page dedicated to Lego for a while and I finally made it after taking a Lego Stormtrooper with me to a golf course. I met my partner there and before long we started placing him in different scenarios throughout the mini golf course!

The above image was taken on my first day as a Lego Photographer, it would then become my Instagram Profile Picture until I created my Sigfig. The shot was very simple to set up, I placed the figure in a relaxed position next to one of the streams on the course. I then took multiple shots trying to capture the perfect angle. Once this was a achieved I simply edited the photo to bring out the colours and sharpen the image before showing it to my partner who's an incredible photographer! To share my love of Lego with someone I love is a great privilege and with her help the pictures will continue to flourish.

My collection of pictures can be found on my instagram page @YellowBrickPics with daily updates!


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