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12. You've Been Saying it Wrong

All of our bastardized attempts to pronounce Christina's surname are probably wrong. It's pronounced, "Ree-chee."

11. She Loves Prince. Seriously

I used to feel the same until I had a seriously bizarre evening to 'Raspberry Beret' and things have never been the same since :(

10. The Right to Choose

Ricci is on the national board of VOX-Voices for Planned Parenthood, which works to promote access to contraceptives and the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy for young people. She has also appeared in national ads for Emergency Contraception.

9. A Cleansing RAINN

Along with her work for Planned Parenthood, Ricci is also the national spokesperson for RAINN, one of America's largest anti-sexual assault organizations.

8. Storming the Industry

Despite the fact that she broke out as a precocious child star, Ricci says the first role she ever really wanted and eventually got was in Ice Storm starring alongside Elijah Wood.

7. Primal Scream

Before he became a lawyer, Ricci's father practiced 'primal scream therapy' in the family home. This controversial psychiatric treatment professed that clients could scream their way to a psychological breakthrough. When she was growing up, Christina could hear the screaming coming through the vents in her bedroom , but thankfully she saw the funny side and used to act out the howling to her mother.

6. BFF

Ricci's best friend is fellow actor Gaby Hoffman who she co-starred with in Now And Then (1995) and 200 Cigarettes (1999).

5. Christina Butt-head

Christina's childhood nickname was Beavis because she apparently laughed like him while she was at school.

4. Destructive Youth

When Ricci was a teenager she used to self-harm as a way to manage her anxiety, she explained that:

"I’d be upset, so I’d do it and it would calm me down. It’s a horrible way to feel better. Sometimes the idea of self-destruction is romantic. I got over that."

3. Self Starvation

Along with self harming, Ricci developed anorexia when she was a teenager and starved herself down to just 84 lbs., she explained that:

"I had a brief flirtation with anorexia and when I was recovering from that, I put on a lot of weight,which was very difficult for me. In a way, I was trying to get rid of my breasts. Everyone my age wanted them, so it was like, wohoo! Then, I started hating them. And for all my movies, I was supposed to be younger, so I had to strap them down."

2. There's Something About Kirsten

Ricci has been pipped to the post twice by Kristen Dunst, she auditioned for Young Amy in Little Women and Claudia in Interview with the Vampire but was beaten by the fellow actress.

1. My Precious

Ricci is an enormous Lord of the Rings fan and she has previously stated that she finds great comfort in falling asleep watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).

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