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Hey all, here is my third entry for the [#5 Day Recommendation Challenge](tag:3555492) . If you'd like to join the conversation, check out the challenge details at the bottom of this post!

Day three of the recommendation challenge is all about a TV series that ended before it's time. While many will argue that this show ended at exactly the right moments, I am one of the many people who would have loved to see this cast of characters go farther. Ladies and germs, let us bow our heads, have a moment of silence and remember the greatness that was The Newsroom.

The Newsroom (June, 2012- December, 2014)

The Newsroom was a political drama created by Aaron Sorkin, you know, that one guy who also wrote The West Wing, A Few Good Men, The Social Network, and most recently the screenplay for the highly anticipated Steve Jobs biographical starring Michael Fassbender. In the same vain as Sorkin's other socially, politically conscious creations, The Newsroom does (did) not shy away from controversial topics, pulling absolutely zero punches. The show followed the personal lives and behind-the-scenes dealings The Atlantis Cable News team, a fictional television program, of course. The show premiered on HBO and ran for three seasons, giving fans 25 episodes before it's untimely conclusion last year.

The show is full of quick, witty and intelligent dialogue between all of the characters, in the trademark style that we've come to expect from Mr. Sorkin. What I liked most about the series was the obvious fact that the 'fictional stories' the news crew reported on were inspired by real modern day social and political events. I won't give any of the stories away for you, but when you watch The Newsroom you truly get the feeling that you're watching actual news and listening to many popular and unpopular opinions that people actually have. The Newsroom makes you think, it makes you listen. I really appreciate films and TV series of this kind that devote themselves to higher levels of thinking. So to the creators and cast of The Newsroom I propose a toast. Thank you for the memories, the insights and the great conversations that arose as a result of your brilliant creation. Cheers!


Will you be checking out The Newsroom? You really should...

To keep the wheels turning I nominate Derek Walters, Stephen Johnson, and Dane Blum.

5 Day Recommendation Challenge:

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