ByShayne Trimm, writer at
Shayne Trimm

Well we've all seen Gotham by now and even if you don't like it you may agree that Jerome is turning out to be an amazing on screen Joker (and he's not even the Joker yet). But here's the thing we ALL want him to be. I think if they only planning on showing us the Dark Knight until the last episode of the series it might ruin the build up of the enitire series. I WANT to see Batman and I NEED to see Jerome as the Joker so here's my idea on how they could do that. It's really simple. Have the last season be all about Jerome and Red Hood. He's gotten so powerful and unleashed so much Hell that Gordon knows he can't stop him even with the help of the GCPD. But Batman can. So the last three episodes could be Bruce as Batman. We really don't need to see him much keep him in the shadows hunting Jerome interrogating his thugs. The second to last episode would be Bruce as Batman finding Jerome at ace chemicals and accidently knocking him into the vat of chemicals turning him into the Joker. Bruce feels he wasn't ready for the role of Batman and feels guilty for killing Jerome putting up the cape and cowl. The last episode should be Joker causing Hell in Gotham a few weeks later, any rumors of the Batman that may have existed are forgotten and written off as just rumors. Gordon can't stop Joker and the last frames would be Batman jumping off a roof and landing in front of Joker who's just about to kill a family. The camera zooms out to show Batman standing between Joker and the family we see Batman and the Joker both perfectly now and just as they go at it the screen turns black and the series ends. What do you guys think? Should we deserve more Batman or Joker in the final episodes or should we just see Batman suit up and end it there?


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