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For those of you who don't know, over at K&K Productions, we are huge fans of Dragon Ball Z and we are currently working on a live action web series based on the Saiyan Saga.

We first released a fan made trailer based on the world famous anime, just over three years ago, that has now had over 10 million views!

But we have learnt a lot since then and after three years of our production team getting better and better, we thought it was the right time to step up and create a full web-series with Hollywood level production value.

For more info on the project, check out our YouTube channel and the video update below.

K&K are releasing a sample scene of the series in the next few months, to show what we can do and then we start work on the pilot episode. So we have just released our first sneak peak of Goku, to give everyone an idea of the look we are going for (plenty more images to come)

A wider view of Goku in action!
A wider view of Goku in action!

it was tough casting Goku for this sample scene, because we needed someone with an excellent physique, but who also embodied the spirit of the character. Tony was a perfect fit!

The hair was also a difficult thing to get right. We wanted to stay true to the anime, whilst keeping it realistic, so it didn't look too crazy!

We will be releasing a full shot of Goku soon and plenty more updates to come on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel. We also have a release date for the sample scene, very soon!


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