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Everyday we receive hundreds of fantastic posts from all of our amazing Creators. That's why each week we want to take some time to spotlight some of our favourite Creator posts from the previous week that we think deserve some extra attention.

Welcome to another episode of Fantastic Geeks & Where to Find Them!

If videos aren't quite your thing though, we've also provided you with an article version below. Ready for this? Here are some of our favorite posts from the week that was:

1. The Actor That Batman Needs.

Before Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, many fans around the world were campaigning for another actor: Scott Adkins.

If that name doesn't ring a bell for you, then check out Moviepilot creator Re'al Dunbar’s amazing post on who Scott Adkins is and why he would have made an amazing Batman!

2. Mistress of Disguise

We see a lot of incredible cosplay here at Movepilot and Stephanie Drew just so happens to be one of our latest and greatest!

I’ve also seen a lot of Spider-Gwen cosplay before, but her’s is definitely one of the best! Be sure to check that out and more great costumes in her epic cosplay gallery.

3. Totally Awesome?

The Hulk is pretty incredible, right?

Yeah, not anymore.

You may have seen that Marvel have introduced the 'Totally Awesome Hulk' to the world and it’s certainly received a mixed bag of reactions from fans. However, Christopher Filippone has taken a moment to question the real reasons behind Marvel’s decision to recreate such an iconic character and it certainly sheds some light on the situation.

4. There will be blood!

At Moviepilot, we have some of the most disgustingly good practical effects artists sharing their work and making us gag on a daily basis.

Megan Tyler has done such a bloody convincing job at making her effects seem so realistic, that a few of us in the office skipped lunch when we saw it. I dare you to see how far you can make it through her post without getting squeamish.

5. Tom Foolery

No doubt about it, Tom Hardy is currently one of the hottest stars in Hollywood today. With Mad Max: Fury Road, Legend and The Revenant all releasing this year, there’s a lot of him to love.

But did you know that Tom isn’t even his first name? There’s a lot more to Tom Hardy than meets the eye. and Ian Simpson has listed 8 great facts about this actor that we can HARD-ly believe.


Before we go we also want to give a quick spotlight to some of our awesome creators for hitting readership milestones last week.

A huge shout out to Rosalyn Lim for hitting 300,000 reads and to Luke Smith for reaching over 1 million reads! You are both truly fantastic geeks.

Awesome job, guys!
Awesome job, guys!

Thanks for reading Fantastic Geeks, and now you know where to find them.


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