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Today I was Nominated By Julian Gerdes to participate in the Movie Recommendation Challenge.

For the first day I the subject is a 90's Comedy Movie or tv show. For my Pick I recommend everyone who hasn't seen it to watch.....


Starring Damon Waynes this 90's family classic will make anyone drop to the ground laughing. As a member of the notorious Waynes Brother who delighted the world with movie such as Scary movies 1 and 2 as well as more recent films A haunted House 1 and 2. Based as a Military-like Movie Waynes uses his extensive comedic skill to pull of some of the most family friendly yet hilarious Moment one could hope for as the Sadistic and seemingly Heartless Major Payne.

Highlight of the Move!!

Major Payne Brings so many classic Moment Such as the Cupcake Scene and "want me to show you a trick" Moment, But none could surpass the Major retelling his version of the Little Engine that could....

XDXDXDXD With moment as "sweet as this get your family around the Tv to watch the most underrated Waynes brother Shine in Major Payne.


Major Payne seem good enough to watch??


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