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Aayush Gupta

Teleportation only exists in science fiction? False! Though the idea does seem like it's taken out of a Star Trek movie, it is actually a thing. Quantum Teleportation involves capturing the quantum state of an object, and then teleporting it instantly to another location, and rearranging the particles to create the exact same object again.

The process is dependant on a concept called Quantum Entanglement, which basically says that subatomic particles can influence each other, regardless of how much distance is between them. Though physicists cannot teleport matter yet, a new record for teleporting a photon (particle of light) to a position of 102 km (63 miles) away.

Physicist Martin Stevens, a co-author for the study at NSIT (National Institute of Science and Technology) also says that this discovery might have more benefits, which include a better, and more secure transmission of data through the Internet:

"A quantum Internet could allow you to establish communications channels that are much more secure than what we have with the standard encryption protocols we use everyday nowadays."

Though it is impossible to teleport matter so far, science is evolving at an accelerating pace and is paving the way for new discoveries every day. Who knows, maybe 50 years from now it will be possible to travel via teleportation!

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