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The bits that happen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are some of the most unique and clever things on late night television. From shooting crossbows with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, teaming up with Justin Timberlake for epic rap mashups, or inspiring an entire show: Lip Sync Battle, we're guaranteed something to go viral at least once a week. Earlier this week, Fallon hit home yet again with another throwback reunion skit. ICYMI: check it out!

GAH!!! RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD!!! It's been almost 20 years (wow... that was weird to say...) since the two have been on All That and it looks like the two haven't missed a beat. Which isn't a surprise seeing as the two had such amazing chemistry on screen that they spawned a Good Burger movie and their own show Kenan and Kel back in the late 90's. But this wasn't the first time Fallon brought together an old cast. Anyone remember this viral gem from earlier this year?

Or..... this from over a year ago

First Full House, then Saved by the Bell, and now Good Burger? Fallon knows how to really target his audience. With that in mind, what other pop culture classic could he tap into?

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Yo Smell Ya Lata!
Yo Smell Ya Lata!

This was the show all about how Will Smith's life got flipped, turn upside down (yeah... couldn't resist). But in all seriousness, how great would it be to see the cast brought back together? Although not everyone would be present seeing that James Avery (Uncle Phil) passed away in 2013, it would still be awesome to see the antics of (character) Will Smith and the Banks family. Graham Norton had a mini-reunion on his show (The Graham Norton Show) back in 2013 when Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) and DJ Jazzy Jeff came on the show to perform the theme song and.... well just watch.

With such a crowd reaction like that (and from London nonetheless) just imagine how crazy an American audience would act to a reunion skit.

Boy Meets World

Oh the 90's..... how I've missed you
Oh the 90's..... how I've missed you

Sure, Boy Meets World already has a spin-off series (Girl Meets World) and it has acted like a a reunion show itself. A lot of the original actors have reprised their roles at some point in the series so far, Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), Will Friedel (Eric Matthews), William Russ (Alan Matthews), Betsy Randall (Amy Matthews) and even William Daniels (FEENY!!!!). Although they have thrown in plenty of Easter eggs and references back to the old series, it is still a new show with it's own story lines and a new target audience. So as an avid BMW fan, it sometimes falls just shy of the mark I've been hoping for in terms of reunions. That's where Jimmy Fallon could easily come into play. In episode 7.16 Seven the Hard Way, there was a "what-if" scene of Mr. Feeny's retirement party, which I think would be a great back drop for a reunion skit. Not only could Cory and Topanga show up with their family from GMW, but it gives them an opportunity to reunite with some other cast members who have yet to make a return appearance (Rachel, Morgan, Frankie Stechino, etc.).

Home Improvement

Cue Tim Allen grunt noise
Cue Tim Allen grunt noise

This show was huge back in the 90's, launching the career of comedic legend Tim Allen. I think it would be awesome to see a skit with Jimmy Fallon coming on as a guest star on Tool Time (the show within the show Tim Allen's character, Tim Taylor, hosted with Richard Karn's character, Al). While they are taping Tool Time, Tim's family could interrupt the show with family news that Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) has come back from traveling the world. They could even try to get Pamela Anderson to comeback to reprise her role as Lisa, Tim's Tool Girl.

Malcolm in the Middle

Yes? No? Maybe.. I don't know. Can you repeat the ?
Yes? No? Maybe.. I don't know. Can you repeat the ?

Malcolm in the Middle followed a dysfunctional family of 6 (later on 7) with Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) being the center of the show for the first few seasons. In later seasons, the focus shifted among the other family as well. Yes, this show isn't as old as the others on this list (original air date spanning from 2000-2006). Not only that, but the show (unlike the others) was not shot in front of a live audience. Despite the differences, it would still be pretty funny to see the cast come back together. More specifically, I would love to see Bryan Cranston reprise the role of Hal (Malcolm's father) who is almost the exact opposite of his big role, Walter White form Breaking Bad. In fact, they could even do a continuation of the alternate ending that was in the Breaking Bad final season DVD set (warning: not suitable for all ages):

Malcolm, now back from college (Fallon posing as his college friend) doing his normal bit of breaking the fourth wall and talking about his families weird habits and Fallon questions him about who he's talking to. The rest of the skit is the family reacting to what Hal has told them about the dream with Hal trying to bring out his inner Heisenberg to dull the laughter that has ensued.


Its crazy.... Jennifer Aniston is still gorgeous
Its crazy.... Jennifer Aniston is still gorgeous

Arguably one of the biggest and most well known sitcoms around, Friends would be the ultimate reunion bit Fallon could bring onto the show. With the multiple rumors of a reunion happening, then not, and the back and forth, this one is probably (definitely) a long shot to say the least. The shows co-creator, Marta Kauffman, even stated in an interview why there would never be a Friends reunion:

“Friends is about that time in your life when your friends are your family. Once you start having a family, that changes. And you have new groups. It’s not that you don’t love those people anymore, but it changes. But to put them back together now when it’s no longer that time of their lives, there’s no reason for the show. That’s all the show was about—that time and those relationships.”

Although I can definitely see where she is coming from, a small reunion wouldn't be that bad of an idea. Old friends get together all the time to reminisce about the old times and bring their new families together with their old "family." A reunion skit on The Tonight Show could do just that. The bit could be a party organized by one of the group members (most likely Monica) at Central Perk to bring them all back together again after X amount of time has past since the final episodes. Fallon could act as an intrusive party planner/barista who can't help but throw himself into the discussions claiming he has always been around helping this whole time as Gunther's second in command.

Fallon's report with his guest stars and his ability to work his way into old casts makes his show the perfect medium for any reunion to happen. With actors moving on to new careers, it is hard to anticipate what we will see next. I can't wait to see which show will come together again, even for a brief moment of viral history.

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