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I'm fiddling with my hands when my mother Jill comes in with a card in her hand. "Hey, Riley. You're invited to a balloon fest at 9:00 tonight. If you're interested in going, I'd be glad to take you. Plus, you like balloons, and get this: it's at Bonkers!" Mom says. "A balloon fest, at Bonkers? Oh, Mom, I would love to go! Is Meg there?" I ask. Mom says, "I think so, since this invitation is from her." I stand up from my seat and read the invitation.

Dear Riley,
You are invited to the 9 Balloon Fest. It will be at 9:00 PM of 9-8-9. We will be having the balloon fest at Bonkers. Please come to the annual Balloon Fest of 9. I'll see you there tonight!
Your friend,

That's nice of Meg. I'm going to go to the balloon fest. "So, are you going to go? If so, I will have to tell your dad and see what he says. Neither of us want you to get hurt." Says Mom. She leaves and tells my dad, Bill. "A balloon fest, huh. Does Riley want to go? Do you want Riley to go? If it's okay with you two, it's okay with me. Just don't let Riley get hurt." Dad says. "Riley, you can go to the balloon fest, just don't get hurt." Dad calls. "Okay, Dad!" I call back. Then, it's 9:00 PM. Dad takes me to Bonkers balloon fest. Meg sees me. "Oh, Riley. You look nice in that pink dress." She says. "Oh, this?" I say, looking down at my dress. "Thanks, Meg. I'm really looking forward to the balloon fest. What are we going to be doing?" I ask. "We'll be doing lots of fun things, like throwing water balloons at each other. This is going to be a great way to have a girls' night out/09 balloon fest, I promise." Meg says. "Okay, everyone. We're going to have to count down from ten to one for the balloon fest to start. Otherwise it can't start, and we would have to all just STAND there and do nothing and everything would be down right BORING and all THAT jazz. So let's get the party STARTED!" A man on a microphone yelled. "Everyone count down with me! TEN! NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN! SIX! FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE! ZERO! Let's get this party STARTED!" Then, the chaos started. Everyone was yelling and screaming and crying and throwing stuff at each other and all that jazz. "IF EVERYONE ELSE IS YELLING, THEN MAYBE WE SHOULD DO THAT TOO!" I have to yell over the noise everyone else is making just for Meg to hear me. "YEAH, I AGREE!" She yells back at me. Then we start throwing water balloons at each other. When I get hit, the balloon pops in my face and rubber mixed with water gets in my eyes. "OWW!" I cry. I hold my hands over my eyes and holler. Dad comes and looks at me. "Riley, what happened? Where'd you get hurt?" He asks. "M-my eyes!" I sob. "I got r-rubber in my e-eyes!" Dad wraps his arms around me. "C'mon, let's take you home, and we'll see what happened." Dad says. We walk home from the 9 annual Balloon Fest. When Dad and I arrive at the house, we burst through the door. "Jill! Riley got hurt! Come quick!" Dad calls to Mom. Mom comes swiftly to Dad. "What happened to Riley?" She asks. "She said that rubber mixed with water got into her eyes." Dad says. "Oh, Riley. It'll be okay, I promise." Mom says through a worried voice. "Oh, Bill, rubber is bad for your eyes. What will happen to Riley?" Dad says, "I don't know, Jill. Balloons must be Riley's worst fear after what just happened at the balloon fest at Bonkers. Poor Riley." Did Dad just read my mind? I was just thinking about balloons being my worst fear. "C'mon, Riley, let's get some sleep, we'll see how you feel tomorrow." Dad says. We go up stairs to my room and I get into my bed. "I'll see you tomorrow, Riley." Dad says. He tucks me in and turns off the lights. "Good night, Riley." He says. I go to sleep."Happy birthday, Riley!" Everyone shouts. There's a cake on the table that has 9 candles on it. "Wow!" I say. "Is this all for me?" I ask. "It sure is, birthday girl." Says Dad, smiling. Then everyone starts to sing. I blow out the candles, and everyone claps. After that, I get presents. "Wow!" I say about every single gift. The next day, my mind goes numb, and I faint. At 9:09 AM, I see a purple ring emit, along with a scratching sound. "Ahh!" I scream. "You!" Someone yells back at me. "W-who are you?" I ask. "I'm Fear." The creature says. "Are you a balloon? Do you have any balloons? Do you have anything to do with balloons? If so, please don't touch me. Balloons are my worst fear." I say."I AM a balloon." The creature says. "Okay, then don't touch me, please." I say. "You're ridiculous." Fear tells me. I give Fear an ugly look. "What was that for?" He asks. I stick my tongue out and mock Fear. "Stop!" He yells. "What is wrong with me? Why am I talking to a BALLOON?" I get up and leave before slapping myself in the face. "And where might you be going? Get back here right now!" Fear shout. "Never!" I yell as I storm up the stairs to my room and slam the door. "If you don't get back here right now, I will get angry and POP!" Fear calls. "Yeah, WHATEVER, you purple FREAK!" I yell back. "I don't care! If I even did, I wouldn't do anything for you anyway!" "SHUT UP!" Fear yells. "NO!" I shout. "If you pop, I'll grab your deflated body and rip it to pieces!" I yelled. Fear got up and climbed up the stairs and ran to my room. "Open up, little girl." Fear said. "Don't call me 'little', you dweeb." Fear got angrier. "I have a short temper, missy, don't waste it!" Fear said. "Mee mee mee mee mee." I mock Fear. Fear bangs on the door. "Let me in." Fear says. "Only if you want to get popped." I say. "1. 2. 3. That's it, stupid girl, I'm coming in, if I come out dead or alive." Fear says, before slipping into my room from under my door, only to see me holding a gigantic needle. "Why do you have a needle?" He asks. "Why is it any of your business?" I ask, not bothering to answer Fear's question. "Answer me!" Fear shouts. "No!" I say. "You are the sassiest girl in the world, missy." Fear shouts. " 'Missy' is the STUPIDEST nickname in the WORLD!" I yell. "I don't care, missy. In fact, I'll call you that for the rest of your life!" Fear shouts. I guess my name is not Riley anymore, I guess it's now Missy. Hi! My name's MISSY! "Missy, get over here, right now!" Fear orders. I can't believe I have to obey a BALLOON! This is getting SO STUPID! Sometime, I'm going to get back at Fear for all he's been doing to me. Since I'm 9, I'm allowed to have a gun, but only a rifle. I'm going to use my rifle to get back at Fear. And I'm going to do it tonight at 9:09 PM. It's 9:09 PM, 9-9-9. I get my rifle. "Oh, Missy!" Fear calls. "I'm right here." I call back. Fear comes in my room and sees me holding my rifle. "I'm not sure I can decipher what you are holding." Fear says. I Shoot Fear! "YOU!" Fear shouts. I put my rifle back. Another balloon person comes around the corner. It's a girl balloon that's green. She looks nothing like Fear had. She also isn't like Fear. "Hi there. I'm Disgust. Who are you?" She asks in a kind tone. "I'm Riley." I think I might like this balloon person. "I heard you shooting Fear! That's good. I hate Fear's guts." Disgust says. I smile. "Me too. Fear threatened to POP!" I say. "I know. He threatened to POP at ME, TOO! Fear's SCARY!" Disgust says. "Say, do you think you and I could be BFFs?" Says Disgust. "Sure." I answer. "Well, I better get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow." I say. "Bye." Says Disgust. She waves and leaves the room. I get into my bed and close my eyes. The next day, I find a blue & orange jump rope and tie it around my arm. I put my rifle on my jump rope. Disgust comes in my room from Mom and Dad's room. "Hi." She says. "Ahh!" I scream, frightened by the sudden voice. "O-oh, I-I'm s-so sor-r-ry!" I stammer in fear of the balloon I'd momentarily forgotten about over my tiring night of little sleep. "Sorry I scared you. Anyway, I thought that today we could go outside and play." Says Disgust. "Okay, sure." I say. I leave the house and Disgust and I go outside. I get there first, only to see aliens invading the hell out of the house. "What the HECK?" I said. Disgust comes after me. "Not aliens!" She says. Then, the aliens come toward us. "OH, NO!" Disgust yells. One of the aliens stabs Disgust with his sword. She POPS! "NO!" I shout. "What?" I . I grab MY sword and decapitate all the aliens. "You want to play that game, stupid aliens? I can play that game, too!" I hiss. After I kill all the aliens, I go to Disgust. "Disgust?" I ask. "Riley." She says. "It's gonna be okay, I promise. I'll do something, I-" I'm cut off by a deflating, dying Disgust putting a finger on my lips. "Shh. It'll be okay, Riley. You can go on without me. One of the other balloon Emotions will find out about you, I promise." Disgust says to me. I shed a tear. "Please, don't leave me. I can't go on without you. You're my BFF." I sob. "I will ALWAYS be right here, no matter what happens to me." Says Disgust, pointing to my heart. I'm so sorry. I swear, I should have killed those ugly aliens before they got you. If they EVER come back, I'm going to kill them ALL in ONE blow. I'll become a Slayer Of Aliens." I say. I cry some more, holding Disgust's deflating hand. She loses all her air, and dies. I carry her body back in the house and put it down in my room. I give a sad smile and say, "Goodbye, Disgust. I'll see you soon." I leave my room.

The End


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